Massage chair in installments

How to buy massage chair in installments

Are You fed up with being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to masseur and coming back warmed-up right after treatment? Do You want to have your own massage armchair in your house, but You don’t want to spend so much money at a clip? Maybe a good idea would be installment loan for massage armchair. Information how massage armchair can cost less than monthly bundle at masseur are in further part of this article.

How to buy massage chair in instalments

If You already selected massage armchair, another very easy step is to distribute payoffs over specific time. There are two ways to do it:

  • First, you can complete the online loan application yourself. When using the Rest Lords online store website, select the payment method instead of cash or bank transfer, select the BNP Paribas online installment. After placing the order, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the form on the Bank’s website to complete the installment application yourself. After choosing the number of installments and a possible own payment, you will receive information about the amount of the installment. If you accept the terms, the bank will ask you to enter the data necessary to apply for a loan. After entering the data, the bank on a regular basis (within a maximum of several minutes), will verify your ability and issue a decision on granting the loan. This method is not difficult, but it requires self-completion of all data in the application.
  • Second way is filling in form with Rest Lords representative, who will show an offer and fill in loan form asking for necessary details. All You need to do is to contact us. Decision is made almost instantly. It’s the easiest way to request for a loan and gives You possibility to take advantage of no-cost and interest-free installments from Alior Bank.

In both cases the whole process takes up to fifteen minutes and usually doesn’t require showing any documents informing about your incomes. In rare cases we may be asked to show those documents or certificates.

Delivery of massage armchair can be arranged right after gaining positive decision from bank.

Massage chairs in real 0% installments offer

Thanks to the cooperation with Alior Bank and BNP Paribas, massaging chairs are available in a truly cost-free offer. Bank doesn’t add payments, commissions or insurances and bank rate really is 0%. There are two periods that payment can be spread – 10 or 20 months. Amount of one installment is a result of dividing price of massage armchair by chosen quantity of months. There are no more things to pay for. In a very easy way You can compute that Massaggio Piccolo massage armchair can be bought for 149 zł monthly.

Purchase of massage chair in standard installments

Purchase of each massage armchair can be done by taking advantage of standard installment loan interest-bearing with a maximum 0,5% wage monthly. In this case we can freely determine amount of installments, which can last from 3 to 60 months. That’s how You can have Massaggio Bello massage armchair for 86 zł monthly.

To sum up, with such small installment, often smaller than monthly bundle at masseur, You can enjoy a massage in amazing massage armchair. More information about installment offer are on page Installments.