Massage chair

Fujiiryoki JP1000

The most prestigious model of japanese inventor of massage chairs
Fujiiryoki JP1000 in promotion
Fujiiryoki JP1000
Fujiiryoki JP1000
Fujiiryoki JP1000 in promotion
Fujiiryoki JP1000
Fujiiryoki JP1000

W-sensor. double accuracy, pleasure multiplied by thousand.

Fujiiryoki W-Sensor

You don’t have to know name of every technological innovation applied, You don’t have to know how does string of sensors constantly controlling moves of massaging arms work, You don’t have to know on what are precise scanning systems, which also adjust massage to Your needs, based on.

The most important is that You will feel deeply relaxing pleasure experienced with every perfect touch of massaging arms.

Very easy navigating

Very easy navigating

With one flick of your finger You are able to navigate functions of the most advanced massage chair in the world. Touch matrix will become gate to intuitive control panel, which offers many functions and settings even of the slightest details.

Have control on possibilities that this massage chair offers to You. Choose from one of over forty massage techniques, adjust intensity to your needs and feel how You can impact on your frame of mind.

Magic of arms massage

Modes of hand massage

Sit comfortably in the massage chair and, thanks to the innovative shapes of hand massagers, feel how comfortable and uninhibited you can enjoy the massage. Feel how accurate and precisely directed can be a massage on a massage chair.

Aerial massaging throne

Air throne Fujiiryoki JP1000

Sit back leisurely in properly adjusted seat of massage chair. Feel how comfortably and without discomfort You can enjoy massage for the whole cycle if its performance. Set of air cushions placed in backrest and seat in proper way snuggling your muscles will take care for relaxation and comfort.

Leg massage

Leg massage in Fujiiryoki JP1000

Don’t worry about your height, sit back, adjust the footrests and feel comfortably. Soft acupressure, backed by massage with air cushions will snuggle and pleasantly massage your legs giving You desired relief.

Adjusted sliding out of footrest will provide proper convenience for You and for people shorter and taller than You.


Heating of massage chair

Especially on colder evenings massage in pleasantly warm armchair will be all You need. Blissful feeling of warmth will ease muscles’ loosening and will hold You in his arms for a long time.

Body stretching

Body stretching of Fujiiryoki JP1000

By subtly covering arms and legs with air cushions, massage chair stretches body just like You do it in the morning. Whole stretching session will bring You unbracing to your muscles and make You feel blissful.

What else he has to offer?

From the very beginning until the end of the massage over your well-being will work harmonious, carefully refined mechanisms from the highest technological shelf.

    “You will familiarize with him thanks to the effects… ” those aren’t just a random words, massage chair by using inner muscles massage technique – effectively – takes tension off from the whole organism. Deeply relaxing massage, reaching with its touch directly to deep muscles, inaccessible to most of massaging devices and masseurs.
  2. 3D spatial massage
    Set of sensors and receptors of massage chair “ will have a professional look ” on back structure, mark the most important spots, choose only considered moves and will adjust massage to shape of your spine.
  3. Full navigation
    Adjust massage to your own need by using unique 12 level regulation of pressure power and 5 level regulation of air massage intensity. Such wide regulation will cause that massage chair will be used both by beginners and very demanding users.
  4. 7, 16 and 30 minutes massage courses
    Perfectly considered and designed by specialists from Osaka cycles of automatic programs will make each another massage session relaxing adventure, which ends always with a good frame of mind.
  5. Sleep-a-like position
    Similar to sleep position in massage chair – constructors had this idea while designing its frame. Comfortably profiled armchair construction increases sense of comfort even during long massage sessions.

Beautiful realization

Perfect quality of Fujiiryoki JP1000

Except relaxing massage, also awareness of beautiful and modern design, velvet realisation, chunky stitchings and perfect handcraft of upholsterer, will delight You, providing proud feeling of exclusiveness and luxury every time You will be looking at it.

Fujiiryoki experience

Logo Fujiiryoki

Among massage chairs is recognizable like Rolls Royce among car brands. Flagship Fujiiryoki JP1000 model will provide feeling of confidence and reliability. Attributes of this brand are: irreplaceable experience, incredible Japanese precision, more than 50 years of tradition of first in the world massage chair manufacturer.

360º armchair spin

Grab the armchair and rotate to see it from every side.



    JP1000 zamów fotel masujący
    Price: 32 700 26 160 zł


    • rebate in the amount of 6 540 zł
    • includes Safe Delivery
      Included in to the price of a massage chair. Performed within 4-10 days with our own transport, by trained representatives who assemble and bring the massage chair.
    • Safety procedures due to COVID-19
    • valid until stocks lasts

    Reviews about Fujiiryoki JP1000

    Zdjęcie *


    Automatic programs
    • 21 automatic programs
    • + memory of a self-composed program
    Techniques and range of massage
    • 41 massage techniques
    • point massage, in the scope, comprehensive
    • 12 levels of mechanical massage power
    • 3-5 levels of aerial massage power (depends on place of massage)
    • 4 levels of mechanical massage speed
    • 3 levels of mechanical massage width
    Range of massage with massage arms
    from the neck to the upper buttocks
    Place of performing aerial massage
    • feet
    • calves
    • thighs
    • back
    • arms
    • forearms
    Foot massage
    acupressure + airbags
    Automatic unfolding
    to the flat position
    Scanning the backbone line
    yes, W-sensor
    back and feet
    yes, whole body
    Additional functions
    • 3D massage arms massage
    • repeat and cancel function
    • electrically extendable footrest
    • 3D massage
    • touch control panel
    • wheels for moving on flat surfaces
    Maximum height
    195 cm
    Permissible weight
    150 kg
    Dimensions in a sitting position
    75 x 117 x 130 cm (W x H x L)
    Dimensions in lying position
    75 x 67 x 195 cm (W x H x L)
    Carton dimensions
    100 x 93 x 137 cm (W x H x L)
    Seat width
    42 cm
    Avalaible colours
    brown, beige
    74 kg
    Power consumption
    130 W
    < 55 dB
    • 24 months (individual clients)
    • 12 months (entrepreneurs)
    • On-site guarantee with access to the service technician
    • the possibility of extending the warranty to 5 years
    • 5903641991148 (beige)
    • 5903641991162 (brown)
    • 5903641991155 (black)
    The most advanced chair massaging the Japanese inventor of massage chairs. It provides a perfect, even medical, whole body massage. The dual scanning system allows you to perfectly match your needs and guide the massage in one of the 41 available techniques, with full 12-degree intensity adjustment. The touch control panel makes it easy to navigate through a range of available functions.

    Files to download

    User manual for massage chair Fujiiryoki JP1000 (PDF)

    Product card of the massage chair Fujiiryoki JP1000 (PDF)

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