How does the massage chair perform massage? – vlog #2

How does the massage chair massage?

The first episodes of our vlog have been available for several days on our Youtube and on our website. We continue to record and now we’re publishing another video. The episode on this topic simply had to appear, because one of the most common questions asked before buying a massage chair is how the massage chair works. So Paweł explains what constitutes the core of the massage, what elements strengthen it and what the secret of the massage in a massage chair is.

How does massage chairs work?

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– Paweł, just how does the massage chair actually perform the massage?

– Okay. Good question, because it’s hard to imagine, but I’ll try to show you the elements that perform the massage in the chair and we can show you more or less how it works. The core, the heart of the massage chair and the massage in it is a mechanism called massage arms. It works inside the backrest, more or less from the neck to the lumbar region, in this case to the buttocks. If you come closer, I’ll show you what it looks like. It’s placed under the pillow we sit on. In this case, it looks like this… which means we have four massage balls here on the massage arms that move in different planes, up and down, and work along the spinal line. They are designed to imitate the movement of human hand, imitate the movement of the masseur’s hand and emulate various massage techniques. They are able to tap, knead, perform shiatsu massage, thus different techniques in different planes. There are also massagers that do not have four balls, they have two balls, but in fact these are mechanisms that are even more complex or mechanisms with 3D system. So we have this mechanical part of the massage chair. This constitutes approximately 60-70% of the effect of the entire massage. It runs from the neck to at least the lumbar region, in some cases down to the buttock. 

Moving on, we have a system of airbags, which in this model works on the shoulders, forearms, calves, feet. These are airbags that provide muscle contraction and relaxation, improve circulation and stimulate the muscles. In some models there are fewer of these airbags, in some there are more. In this model, for example, we have an airbags massage in the thighs section, at the back, in the seat and, as you can see here, in the built-in leg massager there is also one additional airbag responsible for massaging the toes at the front.

So we have a mechanical massage, an airbag massage and there is a foot massage. Depending on the chair, we also have different massagers. Here is the foot roller, which massages the feet from the soles. Just an extremely pleasant roller massage. 

Next we have heating, ways of reclining the chairs, we have 3D systems and other features that enhance the final effect. The core of the experience, what we mainly feel – and matters, is that in the massage chairs it happens all at once, that is, these systems operate independently, they work together to make the massage process as effective as possible – it’s a mechanical massage by means of massage arms and airbags and foot massagers, ways of reclining, and so on. Soon, we will also chat about all the other functions, but in more detail.