Exchange for a new model

exchange for new massage chair Rest Lords

The technology used in massage chairs is constantly evolving. Year after year, new and more innovative features are introduced. Thanks to the massage chair exchange programme, you can enjoy a brand new massage chair model with the most innovative features available on the market today. If you own a massage chair that is at least 2 years old, you can benefit from the special exchange offer. The rules are simple. All you have to do is contact us and send us photos of your chair. We handle the valuation and once both parties agree on a price, we buy back the older model from you. After buying it back, we will offer you a new massage chair at a discount. We always recommend exchanging your chair for its next generation model or a better, more advanced one.

The offer is addressed exclusively to Rest Lords customers (formerly Świat Foteli), who possess Fujiiryoki, Tokuyo or Massaggio massage chairs. We do not buy back chairs made by other manufacturers. The program does not involve the buy-back of used massage chairs only.

What happens to the massage chairs we buy back?

We renovate them, clean the upholstery, replace any subassemblies as necessary… We give them a second life and sell them with a 3-month guarantee in Poland and abroad as renovated, second-hand models. If you are interested in buying such a massage chair, see our second-hand offer.

Renovated massage chairs

We offer second-hand massage chairs which have been bought back from our customers and refurbished under the “exchange for a new model” programme at very attractive prices