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Exchange for a new model

Technology used in massage armchairs is constantly developing. There are new, more innovative functions every year. Thanks to massage armchair exchange program, You can enjoy brand new model of massage armchair, equipped in the most innovative functions available on the market at the moment. When You have at least 2 years old massage armchair, You can take advantage of special exchange offer. Rules are simple. All You need to do is to contact us and send photos of your massage armchair. We will take care of pricing and when both sides will determine the price, we will buy the older model from You. After rebuying we will offer You new massage armchair with a discount. We always suggest exchange on next generation of possessed model or better more developed model of massage armchair.

Offer is targeted only to Rest Lords’ Customers (former World of Armchairs), who have Fujiiryoki, Tokuyo or Massaggio massage armchairs. We don’t rebuy armchairs of other manufacturers. Program doesn’t apply to only rebuying of used massage armchairs.

What happens with redeemed massage armchairs?

We renew them, clean the upholstery, replace subassemblies if necessary… we give them second life and offer with 3 month warranty in Poland and abroad, as renewed and used models. If You are interested in buying used massage armchair see our aftermarket offer (soon, for now, please contact us by phone: 726 40 30 40).


Massage chair video

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