Dictionary of Concepts

słownik pojeć foteli masujących Rest Lords

Glossary of terms connected with massage armchairs.

Thanks to rapidly developing technology of massage armchairs, naming used in descriptions is a little bit enigmatic. That’s why we prepared lexicon with basic issues, which will make choosing the most fitted massage armchair easier.

General Concepts

  • Automatic programs

    programmed, comprehensive massage cycles, usually about 15 minutes, using every capabilities and massage techniques available in armchair, in adequate combination and intensity, whose goal is achieving desired effect, without engaging person being massaged, for example: “relaxing massage”.

  • Manual programs

    mechanical massage programs based on fundamental massage techniques used in massage armchair, for example: “kneading massage”.

  • Footrest

    element of massage armchair responsible for calves and feet massage, in some cases only calves.

  • Mechanical massage

    massage led by massaging arms along the spine and in some models additionally on buttocks and thighs. Depending on the model of armchair massaging arms are based on two or four arms, which simulate hand movements of a masseur. Mechanical massage executed by massaging arms provides techniques, like shiatsu or kneading.

  • Air massage

    massage led by air cushion. Depending on armchair air cushions can appear in almost every massage zone starting from feet, calves, buttocks, thighs to loins, neck and hands.

Massage techniques applied on massage armchairs

  • Shiatsu

    Japanese massage technique based on acupressure and stretching. In word-for-word translation it means “pushing with a finger”. Shiatsu philosophy indicates series of energetic channels in our body, through whom flows energy called by Japanese “ki”. When one of channels is blocked, the energy isn’t able to flow freely and causes unwanted symptoms. Effect of applying shiatsu massage in massage armchairs is unlocking those channels and simultaneous sense of relaxation, tension, stress and muscle pain relief.

  • Breaking

    massage technique, which is about rhythmical muscle breaking (with closed hand) along the spine, very loosening for muscles, stimulates blood flow, awakens organism.

  • Clapping

    massage technique also based on rhythmical muscle clapping (with open hand) along the spine, stimulates blood flow, strengthens muscles and awakens organism.

    Clapping or breaking techniques depending on manufacturer have different names in English language. The most common name is clapping, flapping or even percussion massage. Breaking is also called knocking or tapping.

  • Kneading

    massage technique, which uses circular stretching movements on both sides of the spine. Its task is delivering nutrients to areas of spine. This technique lowers tension, reduces muscle ache and eliminates toxic materials while relaxing nerves.

  • Simultaneous kneading with clapping

    proper connection of circular kneading moves with simultaneous muscle clapping on both sides of the spine.

  • Rolling

    massage technique based on moves (up and down) along the spine with evenly distributed pressure on back muscles. Massaging arms heats up and loosens muscles preparing to deeper massage.

  • Wavelet

    massage technique similar to rolling. It consists on wavy moves of massaging arms along the spine. Perfect technique that prepares muscles to stronger massages. It relaxes the back and improves blood supply.

Functionalities and technologies used in massage armchairs

  • Zero gravity

    natural body position, in which knees are at heart level and angle between torso and thighs oscillates around 125 degrees. Scientifically confirmed technology used in massage armchairs comes from research program led by NASA, which elaborated most advantageous body alignment, providing state of high relaxation and good frame of mind.

  • Zero wall

    functionality of massage armchairs, which enables moving armchair directly to the wall without saving space for leaning backrest, thereby reducing space occupied by massage armchair.

  • L-shape

    technology that enables executing mechanical massage with massaging arms on the whole length of the spine and additionally on buttocks and thighs. Technologies developed so far enabled mechanical massage from tailbone to neck (around 90cm). Technology L shape enables mechanical massage on the length up to 128cm.

  • Infrared heating

    heating with infrared rays, generated in massage armchairs, whose purpose is to deeply warm up tissues, supporting mechanic massage and increases effect of relaxation. Usually appears in backrest and feet.

  • 3D massage

    mechanical massage led by massage armchair in three dimensions. Massaging arms while doing massage on the whole length of the spine move up/down, left/right. They also take into consideration natural S-shaped curvature of the spine, getting closer at the height of the loins and moving away on the chest section.

  • 4D massage

    mechanical massage applied only in Fujiiryoki massage armchairs, adding to three dimensions of massage proper speed combination in massaging arms moves. In one move of given massage technique, for example in kneading, massaging arms don’t work with the same speed, accelerating and slowing down in properly programmed moments.

  • Scanning technology

    technology, in which armchair scans backbone and enables marking proper curvatures, spine dimensions thereby allowing on more precise massage in armchair.