Zero Wall in massage chairs – vlog #19

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The time has come to do another episode of our vlog where we discuss massage chair features. Today we focus on the feature that proves to be extremely useful in various situations, although it doesn’t affect the quality of the massage directly. In this new episode Paweł explains and shows what the Zero Wall function is all about, its distinctive aspects and its advantages.

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-Paweł, let’s talk Zero Wall. What’s that all about? 

-It’s one of the features offered by massage chairs, and it has an intriguing name. It’s been called differently, sometimes Zero Wall, sometimes Zero Space, No Space. Here we refer to this feature as Zero Wall. This feature defines how the chair acts when reclining up against the wall. In order to demonstrate this, I’ve prepared a little installation which I’m going to show you now. There are two chairs: one with the Zero Wall feature and one without it. There is a pot between them, which symbolizes the wall and it’ll show us how the chairs act when reclining next to the wall. Well, the Massaggio Stravagante – the model that comes with the Zero Wall function – here you can see how close it is to the wall while reclining. In fact, all you need here is a few centimetres of freedom so that the chair could stand next to the wall and now observe – while reclining, it goes down along the wall gently, practically vertically, here a cushion touched a leaf of our wall, but notice that the space is preserved, it doesn’t rub against the wall. Everything is as it should be, you don’t need to keep any large distances from the wall for this chair to recline and with its large size this space saving is considerable.

On the other hand, we have the Massaggio Conveniente chair next to it, which isn’t equipped with the Zero Wall function. And you have to notice that here, look, the distance between the chair and the wall behind it is 45-50 centimetres. And this allows the backrest to lower itself nicely and not to scrub on the wall, for example, so that it can be safely reclined. I’ll demonstrate it now. Turning the chair on, we lower it and notice how the backrest needs a lot of space behind it to have somewhere to recline and the space is preserved here. We go practically all the way down, the chair doesn’t touch the wall, but see how much space the chair needed to recline for us.

Also, of course, the function may be meaningless for people who want to place the chair in the middle of a room. Then obviously – the function is irrelevant and we don’t have to decide which chair to choose in terms of whether it has or doesn’t have Zero Wall. In most cases the chairs are placed against the wall, in a corner, somewhere to blend in with the space and then the function of Zero Wall can be significant because it saves us some space, but it also contributes to aesthetic value, which means that it looks better than a chair which has to stand half a meter away from the wall. A chair that nicely blends in looks much better against the wall.

This is the Zero Wall function, this is how we can illustrate it. I hope it’s fairly clear.