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In the third and final part of the episode of our vlog where we help you find the answer to probably the most essential question, i.e. “Which massage chair to choose”, we address a few more issues that are of importance when buying a massage chair. In this episode, Paweł explains what you can find on the massage chair market, what to expect and what to watch out for when looking for the perfect model.

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– The market is quite vast, surely there are still some nuances I should pay attention to.

– Okay, we’ve talked about a lot of things: about your needs, what functions the chair has. And there’s the market – what can you find here? What would you need to pay attention to? Let’s start with the fact that you need to check if what you’ve been offered is a massage chair at all. Sometimes we can find massage mats mounted on frames, something simpler, something more relaxing, that is more of an armchair with a massage feature. However, this is not what we’ve been talking about all the time, about these chairs, the subject of our numerous discussions here. So this: is this a massage chair?

The second, crucial thing is: who are you buying it from? Has this company been around for a while? Is it trustworthy? Can you talk to someone there and will that someone actually be of assistance? And do they keep their word? That’s also very important. Maintenance is important, and the sale doesn’t end with the chair being delivered to the customer, but there is also after-sales service: maybe you’ll just need such a service? Maybe you want to exchange it for a new model or ask about its functions even when it is already in use? It is worth finding a company which will provide this support, which will be helpful and which will ensure customer service of the highest possible quality. It has to be a company which specialises in this field and knows what it’s all about. So that’s one issue.

Unfortunately, it’s good to be aware of this when dealing with our market, as sometimes there are some misunderstandings about where it was actually manufactured, what kind of equipment it is, since customers opinions vary in this respect. Chairs are manufactured mainly in Asia, in China. This is where most of the products comes from, not just massage chairs. Here it’s important that distributors, manufacturers maintain the quality, but it all comes from there. There’s Japan, these are the most advanced chairs, there’s Spain with our Keytons and you hear less and less about the United States, but there’s no mass production in Poland or other European countries. So you have to be aware that it comes from there. And that’s not a bad thing! It’s just worth being aware so as not to be misled by such insinuations. So it’s worth paying attention to that.

It is also worth watching out for dishonest presentations. Unfortunately, our market has been burdened with these presentations for entire groups, where massage chairs are being offered in various ways, obviously in varying quality and at varied prices, which has caused a number of problems across the market. Of course, we also do demonstrations, but only for individuals, only at customer’s home, only at the customer’s request and the customer does not have to invite anyone. There’s no need for five other guests who are also potentially interested in the product. It’s a presentation which is supposed to make it easier for the customer to choose a chair, when they don’t have the time or the possibility to come to our showroom, so we’ll come to them. But it’s not a group presentation, and you should pay attention to that and be careful not to buy chairs that way.

The warranty terms and conditions are also of importance, so that we know how the service technicians will react in case of emergency, will someone come? Will we be asked to send the chair back? It’s not possible under our legal order, but we’ve already heard that someone has been asked to send a chair back to the seller for repair. Or we have also heard that chairs never break down. They don’t break much, it depends on the model, it depends on the brand, but nothing is perfect and there’s a risk that the repair service will be required, so it’s worth thinking about how the guarantee is handled and how the service under the guarantee is actually carried out. Or afterwards, because it’s also important that after two years the use of equipment doesn’t end, but it can be in use for four, five and six years, and we have chairs which can work quietly for customers for as long as eight years. So it’s also important to have these guarantee conditions in place.

There’s one more thing about promotion. In a nutshell: let’s try not to follow the path where the amount of the discount is the key to choosing a chair. What functions does the chair have? Does it suit me or not? Will I use it or not? And all the things that we’ve discussed previously, that’s the key, not the amount of discount and stalling. Of course, price is important and we can talk about this, but the key should not be the amount of the discount obtained, but the functions the chair has. So we have more or less discussed the market, what you might find and we’ve discussed a whole range of features during our previous meetings. So what is left now is your internal decision based on all the answers to the questions you might have asked yourself. Remember, if you have further questions, further issues that need to be clarified, we can always meet, you can always call us.