Website about massage armchairs gets better and better

Website about massage armchairs gets better and better

In Rest Lords we develop all the time… It’s been three months since premiere of our new web page and we can show off with another functionalities.

Opinions about massage armchairs

We appreciate your opinions, each one is important to us and we read all of them. That’s why we launched possibility to express an opinion about each massage armchair offered by us. All You need to do is to go to the page with armchair, which You want to review and under description in tabs there is a place for users’ statements.

Massage armchairs comparator

We created simple tool, which will ease You choosing the best massage armchair. Thanks to comparator You can easily put together their most important features. If parameter that You want to compare is missing, contact us – we can certainly do something about this.

Massage armchair accessories

Sometimes it would be nice to get some extras with massage armchair – a little gift for wife (so she wouldn’t ask too much how much money You’ve spent on that armchair ;) ), maybe dedicated, suitable blanket… From time to time it’s good to give the armchair a shine, so cleaning kit to massage armchairs’ upholstery would come in useful. We aren’t the one that came up with it – it was your requests so we created department of ACCESSORIES, in which You can sort through what else You can choose in a form during massage armchair purchase.