The improved website about massage chairs

Best page about massage chairs

It is safe to say that apart from massage chairs, obviously, the website is the apple of our eye. Here you can find the most important information and everything we would like to tell you about massage chairs. We pour our whole heart into it to make it the best medium to convey information about our product range. And although it has been pretty well developed already, we still find things we would like to improve, even after numerous improvements that were implemented in the past. In the article below we present which elements of the website we have improved this time.

New design

We carefully refreshed the look of the site. The changes are primarily noticeable on the homepage, which has become clearer and easier to navigate. Improved menu will make it easier for you to navigate the site. There is also a new section at the bottom with the most popular videos which perfectly complement our articles and introduce our customers to the world of massage chairs, and it is all now easily accessible.

Afterwards, we’ve had the massage chair order form redesigned. Things have changed the most here. The names of the chairs are accompanied by images that will help you choose the right chair. From now on you will also have the opportunity to select a colour, which may soon turn out to be extremely useful (we cannot say anything more for the time being :-)) 

Available payment methods

Along with the recent changes to our website, we have introduced new payment options. However, things have changed a little since then and now we were able to provide our customers with further payment options to speed up the purchase process. Additionally, we have added Google Pay, Apple Pay and BLIK payment options. Once you have placed your order you will be redirected to your operator’s website where you can make your own online payment. 

Opinions and comments about massage chairs

Our customers’ opinions are of great significance to us. We value your comments very much and encourage you to become a part of this community. So what has changed? As before, you will be able to express your opinion on the massage chair you have bought, but what is new is the possibility to enclose a photo. And if you devote more time and the opinion will take the form of a review, you can expect a gift from us :-) It will be a great pleasure to see what the chair looks like in your interior, and it will certainly help other customers to choose the perfect model. 

We hope that these new features will make it easier to navigate the site, find the most necessary information and ultimately buy your dream massage chair. And if you have any feedback, find a mistake or have any questions after browsing our site, feel free to contact us.