The grand finale of the “Musical Relaxation with Meloradio” contest

Meloradio final of the plebiscite blog EN

How exciting it was! The grand finale of the „Musical Relaxation with Meloradio” contest has just taken place. The winner of the main prize and the most relaxing songs have been chosen. Check out the photo coverage of the award ceremony and find out the song which helps the winner to relax the most.

To help you choose the best tune to relax to, or maybe even get a massage in a massage chair, we joined forces with Meloradio to create something special. We announced the launch of the event on our blog in early September. For several weeks, the listeners of Meloradio helped us choose the best songs to relax to. There were wireless speakers to be won during each show, and the best entry was awarded a special prize – a Massaggio Eccellente 2 massage chair.

Who did the massage chair go to?

Mr Tomasz turned out to be the author of the best answer, and we have to admit that he chose a rather unexpected track to relax to. The winner usually relaxes to „I will always love you” by Whitney Houston. „This song makes me feel so calm”, said Tomasz on air during the finale broadcast. And that’s what we wanted! Music is supposed to relax, calm down, soothe after a hard day and make the moments spent in the massage chair more enjoyable. After all, as the winner says, „These two things seem to go hand in hand. A proper rest, a good massage and great music.”

We, for our part, once again congratulate Mr Tomasz on winning the contest :-) We hope, or rather we are convinced, that the massage chair will prove to be perfect for everyday relaxation.