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Heating in massage chairs

Heating in massage chair

Heating in massage chairs Can massage in massage armchair be even more pleasant and effective? (...) Heating is quite important function, which will not only make time spent on massage armchair more pleasant, but also increases effectiveness of massage
Zero wall at massage chair

Zero Wall in massage chair

Zero wall at massage chair In this article another incredibly practical function available in massage armchairs will be described. Zero Wall function isn’t about massage, it is about saving much space in room, where massage armchair stands. Advantages of Zero Wall function will be mentioned in further part of this article.
L shape at massage chairs

L-shape in massage chairs

L shape at massage chairs New, unknown terminology in descriptions of massage armchairs surprises very often. Mysterious and interesting name, but what is it exactly? Most of terms are already explained in our Glossary, but it’s worth to read more about it, especially about those weird functionalities.