Polish massage chairs?

Polish massage chairs

The highest quality and exceptional workmanship accuracy – and as the saying goes “Polish is good”. Customers’ questions about Polish products encourage to launch production lines in Poland, but unfortunately, they are not often a fully honest practice. More and more often we are confronted with the information that a given massage chair has been manufactured in Poland. We hear that it comes from a “Polish manufacturer” or has a “Japanese technology”. In this article we will try to answer the question about Polish production of massage chairs. 

The country of manufacture of the massage chairs

First of all, is a tag that is sewn on a T-shirt in Germany actually produced in that country? Does the wheel tightened to the car in Poland mean the Polish production of this car? The answer is obvious. Leaving aside the directives or loopholes, we believe that the country of manufacture is the place where at least most of the components were made and where the product was assembled. Perhaps not everyone thinks so… ;) So, if you want to check the actual country of production, just ask for the CE certificate. The factory and the place of production will be specified there.

Marketing production in Poland?

Once we have the information about the actual place of production (and it is unlikely that it will either Polish or Japanese), we should think about the reasons for these word plays… Probably to distract our attention from the important information that it is a product of Chinese production, which still does not have a good reputation in Poland. But are these marketing games fair? 

Chinese production of massage chairs

Chinese production has been branded as “janky” in Poland. – quite deservedly, but that has changed. Products of Chinese origin are present all over the world and you can be sure that 60% of the equipment in your home comes from there. What’s more, many of them are of excellent quality. Do you know Apple or Mercedes? With the capability to outsource production and proper quality control, you can obtain almost perfect products in China. Today, China is a global power based not only on low labour costs. It is an unimaginably well-developed economy, a huge technological base and a rich country. Why, then, avoid reliable information on production in China?

European massage chairs

We do not know any other manufacturer, at least nobody has reliably boasted about manufacturing in Europe, with the exception of Keyton brand, whose massage chairs we have recently launched. In this case, the Spanish brand “with its own roots” actually produces massage chairs in the Old Continent. To meet the requirements and tastes of Europeans, Keyton focuses on a good massage, but also on design and full personalization by allowing to select materials or wooden elements. They are also selling massage chairs in China.

In the end, the massage will remain the most important thing anyway. Usually it doesn’t matter whether the chair is manufactured in China or Spain. What matters is how you feel in it and how you like its massage, appearance and of course the quality of workmanship. You can read about the actual place of manufacture of our massage chairs in the reliable specification of each product. Start with the offer and find a chair that will make you fully satisfied. You can read more about the production of massage chairs in the article “Where massage chairs are produced?”.