A piece of advice from our service technician... how to take care of your massage chair

Service advice from our technician

Although massage chairs are generally trouble-free and require no additional maintenance, as with any other device, service maintenance does happen. However, there are rules to be followed to make sure that the massage chair operates without any problems and looks brand new for as long as possible. So we spoke to Marek, who is a massage chair maintenance service provider at Rest Lords, about what to do and what to avoid when using a massage chair. We gathered all his tips, suggestions and advice in the article below.  

Pay attention to the footrest of your massage chair

Certain models of massage chairs are equipped with footrests that are used to massage feet and calves. Few people are aware of this, but the footrest is the most delicate part of the massage chair. To ensure its flawless operation and that it is not damaged, wait until it returns to its original position after the massage. Only then can you stand on it and safely step down from the massage chair. It is worth noting that this is one of the main reasons for reporting a need for service repair, and which can be prevented by proper handling of the equipment.

Staying on the subject of proper use of the chair, it is worth checking before the first massage whether the distance from the wall behind the chair has been maintained. This will prevent damage to both the chair and the wall, where stains or scratches are likely to appear. This is especially important for models that are foldable to a horizontal position. The Zero Wall, massage chairs automatically move away from the wall when unfolding, so there is no need to leave space behind.

Clean the massage chair with products designed for this purpose

While buying a massage chair, customers ask a lot of questions; some of them relate to how to clean and take care of it properly. Most of the massage chairs are covered in synthetic leather, which is very easy to keep clean, but you have to take care of it and do it properly to ensure its operation for as long as possible. Careful and regular care is essential. It is enough to wipe the chair once a month with a mild preservative designed for this purpose.

If dirt appears on the chair, it should be removed with the most gentle synthetic leather cleaners. Another great solution is an ordinary, soft cloth soaked in water, which will easily remove surface stains. If, on the other hand, you notice stains that are more difficult to remove, such as those from jeans or clothespins, it is worth using professional agents

Do not attempt to repair the massage chair by yourself

Independent repairs, carried out without consultation, carry a high risk of even greater damage to the massage chair. This is equipment is highly complex, and few people know how it is built or how it should work. It is also equipped with movable parts, the repair of which may pose a risk of personal injury. That's why it's worth to consult with a person who deals with it on a daily basis and knows what to do. So if you are not sure if your chair is working properly or you notice a change in the way it provides massage, contact your dealer or talk to a service technician who will know how to proceed in this situation. Very often, minor defects can be repaired individually after a phone consultation. 

What you can do on your own, however, is to occasionally check the protective fabric on the back of the massager. It happens that after using the massage chair for some time, the zipper there becomes undone and the material blocks the massager. To prevent this, you can look under the cushion after a few massages and check whether the zipper is done up.

Do these airbags work?

One of the more frequent reasons for contacting a service technician is also doubt regarding the operation of airbags. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, you have to wait a long time for it to work - these are the most common problems reported. The truth is, however, that most often it is not related to the malfunction of the massage chair at all. It is not like everything works immediately right after switching on the chair. It is a specially programmed cycle in which every movement of the massager and airbags has its turn and takes place alternately. So it is advisable to wait and see if the airbags work, and only then, if you have any doubts about their correct functioning, you can contact a service technician. 

Massage chairs are mostly failure-free devices. Following the above rules will additionally protect them from unnecessary malfunctions and enable you to enjoy a relaxing massage without any complications. And if you still have any questions or concerns after reading this article, feel free to contact us.


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