New functionalities on the website about massage chairs

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We are continuing changes. There is already a new showroom, about which we wrote in the previous article, and this time we took to the workshop our website, which, though praised by many customers, required additional improvements. Meet new functionalities that we have introduced and which, we hope, will help to make the order of the massage chair easier, faster and more convenient..

We have improved the website’s mechanisms and moved it to a faster server. Taking care that this is not understandable only for IT specialists ;-), we explain that thanks to this, subpages will load faster and without unnecessary interruptions. For our customers it will be associated with greater convenience when searching for the perfect massage chair..

Another change is the introduction of a second language. We notice a growing interest in chairs massaging customers from abroad, which is why we made it possible to browse our website in English. Just change the language in the upper right corner.

Payment methods for the massage chair

However, the most important and most visible change introduced on the site are new payment systems. Until now, payment for a massage chair was made possible by means of a traditional transfer, cash, leasing at PKO Leasing or installments at Alior Bank. Now the choice of payment method when ordering is much larger. We have launched payments via online transfer, by credit card or via PayPal. As one of the first in Poland, we also introduced a Bitcoin payment. Thanks to cooperation with BNP Paribas, we can offer online installments. After placing the order, you can fill in the installment application yourself and you will receive the decision in 15 minutes. The same applies to leasing – on our site, payment is available as part of the fastest and most available leasing at LeaseLink. To receive it, you must place an order and complete the online application on the LeaseLink website. The decision is in 15 minutes without presenting documents. 

All changes introduced on the website result from conversations with our clients. We listen to a lot and implement the most important observations. So if you would like to share your opinion about the site with us or suggest what else could be improved, please contact us

As during moving, it may happen that something went missing, disappeared, does not appear any graphics or the text does not match … We ask for your understanding, and if you find any mistake or something does not work we will be very grateful for reporting a problem to us.