Music therapy versus massage chairs

Music in massage chair

Music accompanies us every step of the way, though probably we don’t realize it in most cases. Most often it’s a witness of everyday affairs at work, at home, when we do the shopping or ride a bus. However, its considerable influence on our mood and body makes the music inseparably associated with relaxation. And when it comes to relaxation, we think massage chairs. The following article discusses how to enrich a massage session in a massage chair with music. 

The encyclopaedic role of music

Apart from the fact that music constitutes a pleasant background for our everyday life, it also plays a number of other important roles. For example, it’s used to express ourselves, whether it’s through dance, singing or even listening to certain performers. Music of particular artists or a specific musical genre tend to bring people together under the same values – it influences relationships, provides topics for conversation and entertain. But music itself is also an aesthetic pleasure – we listen, we enjoy, we admire the beauty of complex sounds combined into a single tune. This in turn stimulates the physical reaction of the body to sounds, which gets us to music therapy in a massage chair

Music and massage in a massage chair

Due to the aforementioned role of music, i.e. stimulating the physical reaction of the body, it has been widely used in numerous therapeutic activities, including increasing number of massage sessions. Pleasant and precise movements of the massage arms in conjunction with the soothing sounds of music calm down, reduce the feeling of fatigue and regulate the functioning of the heart and blood circulation. Relaxing, peaceful music during the massage improves general wellbeing and allows you to turn off your thoughts at least for a moment, thus contributing to a deep relaxation not only of the body but also of the mind. 

Many massage chairs feature Bluetooth technology that allows them to connect to your phone and play music from the built-in speakers in order to combine massage with music therapy. Massaggio chairs – Piccolo, Ricco i Bello 2 offer such a function. Another option available in Massaggio Stravagante, for example, is the possibility to listen to music via the included headphones. 

A music surprise

Sit comfortably in a chair, run your favourite massage program, close your eyes and let the massage arms do their work. First soothing sounds can be heard from the speakers… To make the massage even better, even more pleasant and even more relaxing, we have prepared a playlist that will enhance and perfectly complement the relaxation in the massage chair. Therefore, if you feel like it or have long been looking for appropriate, relaxing songs, then enjoy our musical suggestions while massaging yourself in your own massage chair.

Our playlist is available on Spotify. Feel free to listen, relax and of course send us your own suggestions :-)

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