Moving massage chairs

Przenoszenie foteli masujących

Anyone who is interested in buying a massage chair, even after getting acquainted with its description, specification or photos, knows that these are not small sizes, and the chair itself weighs a bit. Therefore, the question often arises as to how to move the massage chair from place to place.

In the following article, we will tell you how massage chairs bring our employees and how to move the chair without help.

Bringing massage chair and an Carefree delivery

Deciding to buy a massage chair and deliver it in the formula Carefree Delivery, you order a service with bringing the chair and its assembly in the indicated place. The armchair brings two experienced employees who are able to easily insert it into even the most complicated places.

The experience has helped us develop a proper way to bring in – we use special belts on which we raise the chair. During the delivery we had various cases – the chair had to be brought to the attic in a detached house or the 9th floor in a block with a broken elevator. It even happened that, together with the client, we were ordering a crane that fed the armchair through a balcony window. Usually, the problem occurs when winding stairs leading to the attic or too narrow doors. Through standard 80 cm wide doors, we move the seats without any problems. However, in the case of narrower ones, such as 70 cm wide, there is a need to dismantle the sides of the chair, which can be screwed back after moving.

Before delivering, for which concerns are raised, we always ask you to send photos or dimensions, then we know in advance what to prepare for and we spend more time on delivery.

How to move the massage chair yourself? 

The necessity to move the massage chair appears during delivery via a courier company. The courier supplies an armchair on a pallet for self-assembly and assembly. It is necessary to help the other person to transfer the chair. Two people are enough to cope with its bringing..

It also happens that the need to move or even move the massage chair to another room appears after delivery. Thanks to the wheels mounted in the massage chair, it can easily be moved. On most models the wheels are at the back – all you need to do is lift the front part of the chair with your back, resting its center of gravity on the wheels and then move it. Only in the Massaggio Stravagante model the wheels are mounted on the front, which is why the seat should be tilted forward and then moved. It is also worth remembering about any cables or other obstacles that may appear on the road. Also, do not move the chair if there is a risk of scratching the surface or secure it beforehand.

The matter is a bit more difficult if you want to move the chair, for example, to a room on a different level. It is then necessary to use the assistance of at least one person. Two people, grabbing the armrests, can lift the chair and move, and then, carefully avoiding damage, carefully lower it. 

You already know how to move the massage chair. However, if you would like to use our help, please contact us.