Massaggio massage chairs – now and then

Massaggio now and then

While celebrating our 10th birthday in November, we decided to recall not only our beginnings, but also the beginnings of our own massage chairs. The anniversary of Rest Lords is inseparably connected with the creation of the Massaggio brand. Looking at the photos of the first models made a big impression on us – those from the team who hadn’t had the opportunity to work with these chairs before. In this article we compare massage chairs from 10 years ago and their current versions. 

Which chair was first?

As it has been mentioned on our blog many times, the first model to be introduced was the Massaggio Occupato, a massage chair working upon inserting a coin. It was a model similar to Massaggio Bello with quite solid armrests, which included a mechanism for accepting coins. The chair was ready for intensive use, featured reinforced components with protection against spillage and dust, and durable upholstery with only two automatic programs.

Currently, Occupato is no longer on offer, but the changes taking place in the chairs can be seen in Massaggio Conveniente and Esclusivo, imported shortly afterwards, and later Stravagante and Bello.

How did the individual models change? 

The biggest changes appeared in the massage chair, which has been in our offer the longest. Currently, we can boast the third version of Massaggio Conveniente. Black colour, wooden armrests and a jade jelly heater … :-), which could be taken in hand, put on a selected spot on the body and warm the muscles – it used to be like that. Although today Conveniente does not have such a heater, apart from a comfortable back massage, it massages the forearms and shoulders and has an extremely appreciated program of automatic stretching, which helps to gently stretch the back and legs muscles.

Conveniente then and now

Another model that has undergone a true metamorphosis is our most popular chair, Massaggio Esclusivo. Today it is an example of a massage chair with the most innovative solutions, such as the L-Shape or roller foot massage and a futuristic design. And in the past? The first version of this model had characteristic airbags massaging hands, today probably associated by most of us with blood pressure monitors :-) And in addition, the Jade infrared light emitter, mp3 player and eye-catching floral patterns on the sides.

Esclusivo then and now

Massaggio Stravagante, the most complex model we have on offer, has also been upgraded. In addition to the typical cosmetic changes, such as the change of colour or design to a more futuristic one, we have introduced an extremely precise 3D massage, automatic stretching program or controlling using the application. Currently it is a chair that boasts well-developed technological solutions – it is the most modern, the largest and the most memorable.

Stravagante then and now

The last change involved the introduction of the second edition of the Bello model. Two colours to choose from, modern design and many innovative features in a compact design. Bello 2 is the first model on the market in such a small size that can boast a Zero Gravity position or a massage running from the neck to the buttocks – formerly available only in the most advanced models.

Bello 2 then and now

As you can see, our chairs have come a long way :-) Perhaps some of the people who read this article still use these first models? We would like to remind you that we are running a program of exchanging older models for new ones. If you are thinking about replacing your chair with another one, please contact us

Finally, we can also tell you that in the near future new versions of other models will also be available. But we will definitely inform you about that!