Massage techniques available in a massage chair

Massage techniques massage chair Rest Lords

Massage techniques, also referred to as manual programs, are one of the components constituting the massage in the massage chair. In addition to airbag or leg massage, they form automatic programs that bring them together in the right combination with the right level of intensity. As we have already explained in one of our articles, the massage techniques are based on the operation of the massaging arms, which imitate the movements of the masseur’s hands. They are therefore the way the massaging arms move along your back and in some models with L-shape function also on the buttocks. You can read about the most popular massage techniques and their advantages in the following article. 

  • Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a massage technique that originated in Japan, whose somewhat commercial name simply means “finger pressure”. According to its principles, the most important thing in massage is to press the energy channels that run in the human body and which can be blocked, causing physical and mental ailments. Smooth and rhythmic pressure is therefore intended to first unblock the channels and then prevent future disturbances in the flow of energy in the body. Shiatsu is based on acupressure and stretching and, as we have explained in a separate article focusing on this technique, it may not seem very effective. However, it is. This massage provides, above all, pleasant relaxation simply by compressing and unblocking the energy channels. It relieves tensions perfectly, maintaining harmony and balance of the whole body. It is also indispensable in regulating lymph flow and blood circulation. It is perfect for people with headaches, back pain or muscle spasms. 

  • Beating

Another massage technique is extremely relaxing. It consists of rhythmic beating of muscles along the spine, in which the massage arms imitate the movement of the masseur performed with the closed hand. This technique’s key advantage is a very strong relaxation of often tense muscles. It is excellent for dealing with pain and muscle tension after long hours spent in one position, for example after work or a long, exhausting journey. The purpose of beating is also to stimulate blood flow and stimulate the body.

  • Tapping 

Unlike beating, tapping consists of fast but rhythmic patting of muscles along the spine. It is a springy and short movement imitating an open hand of a masseur. Tapping performed in this way does not cause pain and prevents the formation of bruises. Tapping brings many benefits – first of all, it strengthens muscles, stimulates the body and improves blood flow. 

  • Kneading

One of the most characteristic as well as the most popular massage techniques is kneading. This is one of the main techniques of classical massage, which is used primarily to massage the muscles. In the massage chair, the massaging arms make circular stretching movements on both sides of the spine. Their main objective is to stretch the muscles, supply them with nutrients and reduce the accumulated tension. The muscles and tendons become more flexible and the pain is reduced. Kneading also completely eliminates metabolic toxins.

In some massage chair models there is also the option of synchronous kneading and tapping technique, which combines circular movements with kneading and tapping of muscles at the spine.

  • Rolling and waving

Rolling is used to massage the spine mainly by stroking, rubbing and kneading. Massaging arms move up and down along the spine applying even pressure to the surrounding muscles. Rolling is used primarily to massage connective tissue and superficial muscle layers. It relieves pain perfectly and, like any massage technique, relaxes tense muscles. Thanks to the fact that it warms up the muscles, it is also used as a preparation for deeper massage.

An analogous massage technique to rolling is waving. In this technique, the massage arms make a wavy movement along the spine. It is most often used before a stronger massage. It greatly improves the blood supply to the muscles and prepares them for further treatments.

As you can see, there are numerous massage options in the massage chair. However, most frequently we decide on an automatic program that uses different massage techniques and combines them with air massage, for example. Sometimes, however, you will particularly enjoy one, specific massage technique. Then you should try to adjust the settings yourself, try and find the best massage set up. What’s more, the massaging arms that move in a given technique can be directed to a specific location, such as shoulders or lower back, which requires special treatment. Most models also allow you to save a self-created program after the session and then use it as desired.

So if you are thinking about a massage chair and would like to learn more about its capabilities or have other questions, feel free to contact us.