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How is the massage chair sent via the courier company packed? How many parts is distributed? And most importantly - will I handle his submission? These and many other questions appear before buying a massage chair and choosing a delivery by courier. To best illustrate the form in which the massage chair is delivered to the site, on our YouTube channel and on our website, on the product card in the Video tab, we have included videos from the "Take out of the box" series. 

Is it difficult to mount a massage chair? Watch the movie!

These films, as the name suggests, show the moment of removing the massage chair from the cardboard, but not only. In the movies, Piotrek and Marek, show that the chair does not come to an infinite number of parts. Contrary to appearances, there is nothing complicated in his submission. It is enough to connect several cables, mount a tripod or, as in the case of Massaggio Esclusivo, screw the footrest and the chair is ready for use. The whole should not last longer than ten minutes :-)

We hope that these films will help you decide first of all how to deliver the massage chair, and then, when sending it by courier, in unpacking it from the box. Of course, this is not the end of our adventure with the camera, soon more movies… 


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