Massage chair video

Wideo o fotelach masujących

Some time ago we launched channels on Vimeo and YouTube and introduced our first film productions – the cycle “Unboxing”. But this is only the beginning. Recently, we have prepared new films. This time those films are presentations and instructions, and the whole production has been placed on a website which became a sort of video library of massage chairs

Films about massage chairs

Three flagship massage chairs from our offer have been presented on videos. The most prestigious Fujiiryoki JP1000, the only fully personalized Keyton H10 and the largest and most innovative Massaggio Stravagante. You’ll find a review of the most important features, innovative technologies and what makes a model stand out from the crowd in these videos.

Cycle “Unboxing” of the massage chair

We have already written about this cycle in one of the articles on our blog when posting videos on our channel on Vimeo and YouTube. Short films show the moment of removing the massage chair from the box. They show in what form the chair is delivered to the place, how to assemble it, how to connect the cables, screw on the footrest and prepare it for use. Contrary to appearances, there is nothing complicated and should not last longer than a few minutes.

Instructions on how to use massage chairs

In order to better illustrate and bring closer the way in which the massage chair operates, we have prepared detailed instruction manuals. In the videos we show how to control the seat with the remote control, how to run automatic programs and the most technologically advanced individual functions. 

All videos can be watched on the product tabs, in the Video tab and on our channels on Vimeo and YouTubie

But this is not the end…. We are planning further projects, which will successively appear on our website. We hope that they will be helpful. We invite you to watch, and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to learn from the following films – write to us.