Massage chair as a remedy for stiff muscles

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Spending many long hours at a desk every day, stress and lack of regular exercise – all this can be and often is the cause of stiff muscles. Over time, this can lead to back strain, neck and shoulder stiffness or even tension in legs. Physical activity and rest are an excellent way to prevent such issues, but massage is just as good. In the following article we explain how to relax stiff muscles with a massage in a massage chair. 

The causes of muscle tension

Muscle tension can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common one is definitely stress. Chronic stress, which we discussed in one of our previous articles, puts the body in a state of constant tension and decreases the amount of blood reaching the muscles. Immobilization of the body, as well as taking an uncomfortable position also contribute to muscle stiffness. If we are in hospital for a few days or if we sit at our desk with a notoriously bad posture, the back, neck and neck pains must sooner or later appear. These are, of course, the most common causes of muscle tension. 

The way to relax the tense muscles

Treatment of muscle tension consists in relaxing and unwinding the body. It’s best to start with a proper, healthy sleep. Warm baths are a great idea as they relieve tension. Regular physical activity also helps to relax the muscles, but you should be careful not to hurt yourself if you already have tensed muscles. Adequate hydration also plays a significant role here as it makes the elimination of the tension much easier. In addition, massaging the muscles is an extremely effective way to relieve any tension. 

Relieving the muscle tension in a massage chair

Massage in a massage chair relieves muscle tension perfectly. It’s important to make sure that the massage is performed on a regular basis, because in order to eliminate the accumulated tension, you need a series of massages. One session will not be able to eliminate the stiffness of the muscles, it can gently alleviate the pain, but it will not remove it. At this point, it’s worth telling the story of our Customer, who complained about severe tension in her neck. A few days after the delivery of the chair, she concluded that the massage doesn’t work in her case. After consulting us, she decided to give it another try and she spoke to us again after a month. It turned out that the stiffness in her neck had subsided and it was much better. Consequently, the Customer doesn’t want to give up her massage chair for anything :-)

Rollers installed in a massage chair are best for relaxing tense muscles. They are designed to massage the tension and remove weight from the legs. Rollers are featured, for instance, in Massaggio Esclusivo, where it’s possible to adjust the speed of rollers on three levels. Air pockets are also used to relieve the muscle tension. By providing muscle spasms, they improve blood circulation and provide the muscles with more oxygen. 

As you see, a massage chair can be an effective solution for tense muscles. So if your neck is stiff or your back aches, take a look at our offer.