Massage chair for the office

Massage chairs Rest Lords in office

While sitting, we put almost twice as much strain on the spine as when we do while standing up. Until recently, most of us were unaware of the negative impact that sitting has on spinal health. Nowadays, more and more office workers are aware of the consequences of sitting at least eight hours at their desks and are able to effectively prevent them. However, repositioning or stretching may not be enough at some point. That is why more and more of our customers ask for a massage chair for their office. In this article we will suggest you how to use a massage chair in your office work and explain what it is like to get it to your desk. 

Massage in an armchair and a sitting job

Sitting is not the natural position of the human body. When sitting, the muscles that keep the spine in the correct posture are forced to work for a long time in one position, which leads to their overload and weakening. This in turn causes degenerative changes. Thus, people working at their desks develop back pain over time, especially in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas, muscular and joint stiffness, as well as cramps and numbness. In order to prevent getting those health problem, certain measures need to be implemented in a good time. The most important thing is to take care of the ergonomic workstation, and its perfect complement will be the massage in the massage chair. Massage breaks allow you to leave your desk, change your position while the session itself, whether during the break or after work, will strengthen your back muscles, which will relieve the strain on your spine. The massage quickly regenerates tired and stiffed muscles, removes pain and tension. Not only does it bring relief, but it also relaxes and brings relief. The massage reduces the level of fatigue and adds energy to further work. 

The office or relaxation room – where to place massage chair?

When talking to clients who are planning to buy a massage chair for the office, we often hear a question whether the massage chair will suit the desk. We immediately point out that this is not the best idea. Apart from the fact that massage chairs are much larger than traditional office chairs, they are intended for rest and relaxation. Massage chairs, as the name suggests, massage, so sitting in them at your desk will not necessarily be comfortable, and certainly not ergonomic. So it’s much better to take a break, unfold in a massage chair, pull out your legs, forget about your work for a few minutes and relax. A great solution, which is in fact already a standard in large corporations, is special relaxation rooms. Massage chairs placed in a separate relaxation room allow for quick and effective regeneration of tired muscles. They allow you to calm down, relax, cut off from often stressful situations and even have a short nap. However, relaxation rooms are not only the domain of large corporations – they also appear more and more often in small offices whose employees also spend many hours at their desks. Massage chairs relax and massage tense muscles to the maximum during the break, and employers give the opportunity to stand out in the labour market, as we have already described in one of the previous articles. What’s more, owners of small offices, when deciding to buy a massage armchair can take into account the company’s expenses and possible tax deduction (learn more

You already know that a massage chair, although not at your desk, but in the office can turn out to be irreplaceable. If you want to take care of your muscles and spine, not only your own, but also your employees, take a look at our offer. And if some questions appeared during reading, please contact us.