Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo in numbers

Massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo in numbers

This is another article about detailed parameters and dimensions of massage armchairs. It’s time to describe Massaggio Esclusivo armchair. One of the most popular massage armchairs was measured in the smallest details.

Will I feel comfortable in massage armchair?

Will it fit in the place, which I have already considered?


size of massage chair Massaggio Esclusivo


This picture can tell a lot about dimensions of massage armchair.


  • seat is 50cm wide, 44cm deep and is at the height of 55cm
  • forearm massager is 49cm long
  • foot massager is 35cm deep, place for legs and width of calf massager is 14cm
  • free space required:
    • behind massage armchair – at least 60cm
    • in front of massage armchair – at least 70cm
  • regulation of leaning the backrest in terms of 30°
  • regulation of leaning the footrests in terms of 90°
  • sliding out foot massager in terms of 15cm
  • range of massaging arms massage: 21cm (width) x 132cm (length achieved thanks to L-shape

More technical parameters of Massaggio Esclusivo massage armchair:

  • amount of air cushions – 28 pcs.
  • amount of massage balls – 4 pcs.
  • amount of air pumps – 1 pc.
  • loudness < 58 dB
  • infrared heating temperature – max. 40°C
  • pressure in air cushions during massage + from 20 to 28 kpa
  • Energy consumption during standby mode < 0,5 W

Full description of Massaggio Esclusivo:

see description


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