Massage chair Keyton in numbers

Massage chair Keyton in numbers

We have introduced new massage chairs of Spanish Keyton brand to our offer, so we return with a series presenting exact " sizing" of individual models. The Keyton has 5 unique shapes with the option of full personalization. The possibility to choose the type of natural leather, colour and wood enables the massage chair to be perfectly adjusted to your surroundings. You will find the sizes of all massage chairs in the manufacturer's standard version below.

Will I be comfortable in a massage chair

The size of the Keyton - will it fit in a chosen space?


Dimensions of the Keyton h10 massage chair


Look at the graphics, which show all sizes of the Keyton massage chair. These are the standard sizes of this brand's chairs. However, on special request Keyton will adapt the selected model perfectly to the size specified by the customer 

In addition:
  • the seat in the resting mode is 54 cm wide, 43 cm deep and 56 cm high
  • the seat in the massage mode is 54 cm wide, 55 cm deep and 56 cm high 
  • required free space:
    • behind the massage chair - at least 60 cm
    • in front of the massage chair - at least 45 cm
  • rotation of the massage chair around its axis in the range of approx. 70°. (Vintage, Domo, Royal)
  • The backrest can be adjusted in the range of 70 degrees 
  • The footrest can be adjusted in the range of 90 degrees
  • the backrest is 74 cm high
  • The length of the calf massager is 34 cm

More technical parameters for your Keyton massage chair:

  • Volume < 58 dB
  • power consumption in standby mode < 1W
  • wireless remote control

…but that's not all - if you think it would be much better to have a higher, wider or narrower seat - the Keyton brand is ready to make it for you on a separate order. You can get more detailed information by contacting us.

Full description of the Keyton H10 massage chair:

See description


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