Massage chair Fujiiryoki JP1000 in numbers

Wymiary fotela masującego Fujiiryoki JP1000

This is Rolls-Royce among massage armchairs – Fujiiryoki JP1000 in numbers. Beautiful shape, functional and perfect dimensions. Details are written below.

Will i feel comfortable in massage chair?

Will it fit in place that i had in mind?

Wymiary Fujiiryoki JP1000

This graphic shows measurements of massage armchair.


  • seat is 46 cm wide, 58 cm deep and is located at the height of 46 cm
  • forearm massager is 42 cm long
  • foot massager is 23 cm deep and place for legs and width of calf massager is 12 cm
  • minimal width of door enabling carrying in – 70 cm
  • free space required:
    • behind the massage armchair – at least 35 cm
    • in front of the massage armchair – at least 50 cm
  • regulation of leaning the backrest – from 110° to 157°
  • regulation of leaning the footrest – from 0° to 75°

Technical information about massage armchair Fujiiryoki JP1000:

  • amount of air cushions – 34
  • amount of massage balls – 2
  • amount of air pumps – 1
  • regulation of leaning the massager – 12,5 cm
  • temperature of heating – up to 43°C
  • remote with liquid crystal, colour, touch display

Full description of Fujiiryoki JP1000:

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