Massage chair Fujiiryoki EC3800 in numbers

Fujiiryoki EC-3800 in numbers

Are You hungry for knowledge? Since this article we start entry series related to technical parameters of massage armchairs. Obviously, each armchair has its tab, where everything, even technical specification, is described, but we want to tell You more about them.

Will I feel comfortable in massage armchair?

Will it fit in the place, which I have already considered?

Let’s start from Fujiiryoki EC3800 massage armchair dimensions

Wymiary fotela masującego EC-3800

This picture can tell a lot about dimensions of massage armchair.


  • seat is 51 cm wide, 50 cm deep and is at the height of 46 cm
  • forearm massager is 64 cm long and 9 cm wide
  • foot massager is 22 cm deep, place for legs and width of calf massager is 14 cm
  • free space required:
    • behind massage armchair – at least 60 cm
    • in front of massage armchair – at least 70 cm
  • regulation of leaning the backrest in terms of 120° – 170°
  • regulation of leaning the footrests in terms of 0° – 75°

For those, who want technical information, here is a solid portion on another information about massage armchair Fujiiryoki EC3800:

  • amount of air cushions – 44 pcs.
  • amount of massage balls – 2 pcs.
  • amount of air pumps – 1 pc.
  • pressure in air cushions during massage – circa 36 kpa
  • speed of massager movement on back – 4,9 cm/s
  • colour LCD screen with joystick

Massage armchairs EC2800 and EC3800 have been withdrawn from sale. See latest model of Japanese – massage armchair inventor Fujiiryoki JP1000.