Massage chair in a beauty salon, hairdressing salon, and massage salon

Massage chair in beauty salon Rest Lords

Although there are many armchairs on the market designed strictly for beauty salons, beauticians more and more often decide to use classic massage chairs that have even more applications. Chairs with massage, which may be surprising at first, are also an increasingly frequent addition to the offers in professional massage salons. In the following article you will learn how to use the massage chairs in your beauty salons, hairdressing salons or massage salons and how it can affect the attractiveness of your offer. 

Massage chair for the masseur

It would seem that the massage in the massage chair and the massage performed by the masseur are mutually exclusive, and yet, contrary to appearances this is an increasingly common solution. The massage arms of the massage chair initially remove the biggest tensions, familiarise the client with the touch and prepare the body for the target massage already performed with the human hand. Moreover, the masseur can enrich his offer by using the advanced functions of the massage chairs. Massage chair is also able to provide an unprecedented experience that can’t be gained from the masseur, such as massage in Zero Gravity position or – rarely performed ;) – massage of the buttocks.

Massage chair for beautician and hairdresser

The massage chair in beauty salons can be used in many different ways. However, the most common choice is to place it in the waiting room. Instead of putting out magazines, you can provide your customers with a unique rest and relaxation. If one of the visits is prolonged, another client can massage herself, after all, delays happen and a session in the massage chair can be an excellent compensation. The time spent on massage will be more pleasant and will pass faster. What’s more, customers will associate your salon with relaxation and comfort unparalleled in any other places, which can be an argument when arranging another visit…. and recommending your services to the others. In addition, the massage chair can be used during some treatments e.g. the client may massage herself while wearing a mask or while having paint applied to her hair. Such a variety of treatments will distinguish your offer from many other offers available on the market. 

Massage chair also for employees

However, beauty salons not only have customers, but also employees who can use the massage chair during breaks from work. Many hours of standing time, which is often prolonged, is a heavy burden especially for the legs. Even a few minutes of leg massage in the massage chair will restore their lightness, relax them and remove all the tension. After such a break, the employee will return to his work relaxed and full of energy, and thus more effective. We wrote more about the usage of a massage chair in the company on our blog in the article about relax rooms

Therefore the benefits of setting up a massage chair in the waiting room or living room cannot be overestimated. If you want your customers, employees, and maybe yourself to use a massage chair, have a look at our offer. And if you have any questions, please contact us.