Massage armchair Massaggio Stravagante in numbers


Third and the grandest premiere from last year became measured. This is the biggest massage armchair in our offer – Massaggio Stravagante. Armchair, which redefined definition of relaxation.

Will I feel comfortable in massage armchair?

Will it fit in the place, which I have already considered?


Wymiary fotela masującego Massaggio Stravagante


This picture can tell a lot about dimensions of massage armchair.


  • seat is 56 cm wide, 50 cm deep and is at the height of 52 cm
  • forearm massager is 56 cm long
  • calf massager is 17 cm wide and 26 cm long
  • foot massager is 30 cm deep
  • free space required:
    • behind massage armchair only 5 cm (thanks to Zero Wall function)
    • in front of massage armchair – at least 72 cm
  • regulation of leaning the backrest in terms of 45°
  • regulation of leaning the footrests in terms of 90°
  • sliding out of foot massager in terms of 20 cm
  • range of massaging arms massage: 21 cm (width) x 95 cm (length achieved thanks to L-shape)

More technical parameters of Massaggio Stravagante massage armchair:

  • amount of air cushions – 68 pcs.
  • amount of massaging balls – 2 pcs.
  • amount of air pumps – 2 pcs.
  • loudness < 58 dB
  • IR heating temperature – max 40°C
  • pressure in air cushions during massage – from 20 to 28 kpa
  • energy consumption during standby mode < 1W

Full Massaggio Stravagante description:

See description


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