Leasing of massage armchair

Fotel masujący leasing PKO

Everyone, who runs a business can lease a massage armchair. Thanks to collaboration with PKO Leasing it turns out to be very easy and quick. Read more about how to lease a massage armchair and pros of leasing a massage armchairin our article.

Pros of leasing a massage armchair

Usually, cars or computers are leased, but thanks to this form of financing many other equipment for the company can be bought, including massage armchair. You can place the armchair in your office or relax room for employees. Thanks to this, workers will be happier and more effective.

Leasing is also an easy way to introduce purchase of massage armchair into company’s costs, which may be useful at the end of the year. Purchased massage armchair doesn’t need to be amortised, you deduct VAT and leasing instalments are tax deductible expenses.

Another advantage of leasing is that it isn’t treated as commitment, thus it doesn’t lower company’s loan ability. What’s more, it can improve financial fluency of the company. Repaying leasing instalments can be from current incomes, which result of using purchased product. Massage armchair can be bought for your clients – to waiting room, reception or rest space in hotel.

Massage armchair in PKO Leasing

PKO Leasing belongs to Capital Group of PKO Bank Polski – the biggest financial institution in Poland. It is stable and trustworthy bank, which pays particular attention to clients’ requirements. We trusted them too, thanks to the highest quality of customer service and express, fully professional submitting applications online. We’re happy that we can offer purchase of massage armchair via PKO Leasing (more information on subpage financing).

How to buy massage armchair in lease agreement

All you need to do is to order massage armchair on our website, tick “Leasing” in method of payment. Later, we will contact you to establish leasing parameters. We will ask you to determine the number of instalments (minimal is 24). Additionally, we will set the value of first payment (minimum is 10% of own financial contribution). We will send you the offer, prepared by PKO Leasing, by mail. If the conditions of this offer meet your expectations, you will type in the number of our offer and fill in information necessary to prepare the leasing agreement by yourself (link to the PKO Leasing website is in the mail with offer). Without sending any financial documents. After filling up every required information, the bank will make a decision about granting a lease. The last things to do are settling the date of delivery and signing the documents.

IMPORTANT – into the leasing instalment there is an insurance of purchased devices included. Massage armchair will be protected from burglary or electric shock.

If you have any questions about leasing, contact us. There will be someone from Rest Lords or PKO Leasing, who would like to answer to all your questions. And if you already made up your mind, order the massage armchair, submit the application and wait for the delivery of massage armchair.