Holiday with Rest Lords – summary of the 3rd edition of the competition

Finals of the holiday competition

Although it’s been quite a while, we can finally wrap up the 3rd edition of our “Holiday with Rest Lords” competition. More than a year and a half has passed since you could see photographs of exotic resorts and the world’s busiest cities on our website and social media. We’d like to remind you that these unique shots were supposed to inform about the ongoing competition, where the prize was a dream holiday for two, worth PLN 15,000 in a selected place anywhere in the world.

How it happened…

The competition began in early September 2019, and until the end of that year, the purchase of a massage chair meant not only a relaxing and incredibly relaxing massage at your beck and call, but also the opportunity to enter the competition and thus win a dream holiday and experience an unforgettable adventure anywhere in the world. The competition consisted in answering a question and the person who gave the answer closest to the correct one was announced on 7 February 2020. The announcement of the winner was broadcast live online and a transcript is available in the relevant blog article.

The trip to the Maldives – the dream holiday won by Mr Piotr

Mr Piotr turned out to be the lucky and somewhat surprised winner of our competition. Upon collecting his prize, he revealed that his cousin had helped him predict the answer that came closest to the correct answer to the challenge. At that time, Piotr was also planning a trip to the United States, but unfortunately his plans were thwarted by the pandemic that was already developing all around the world.

The repeatedly postponed holiday was finally arranged. We must admit that we were quite surprised when a few days ago we received a message from Peter informing us that he is currently spending his dream holiday in the Maldives. This beautiful group of islands is considered to be a true paradise, which has been confirmed by the photos sent by Mr Piotr.

In addition to the photos, we received a short report from Mr Piotr, which we include below – thanks a lot!

I faced some difficulties when it came to holiday trips due to the coronavirus. For example, in 2020 I booked a trip to Peru, but it didn’t work out – it was cancelled by the organiser. However, this March, I luckily managed to go to the Maldives for a week and thankfully I was also able to return home with a negative result of the coronavirus test. Well rested, tanned, if not burnt. Recharging my batteries with the sub-equatorial sun in this tough time of the pandemic is a testimony that needs to be emphasised, i.e. that it was worth participating in the “Holidays with Rest Lords” competition.

Incidentally, Mr Piotr also shared with us how the massage chair works for him – many thanks for all the kind words!

The massage chair works flawlessly, nothing has broken over the last year and a half, but still the quality and promptness of the service guaranteed by Rest Lords deserves the greatest amount of praise. I’d called them on Friday afternoon and they were at my place on Monday morning. They unpacked the boxes and brought the equipment in to present the models, allowed me to try each one separately and by the second one I knew it was the one and didn’t even want to check out the third one. They placed the purchased chair in the designated spot and it was ready to use right away – in fact, it’s been there ever since. All my employees and clients use it enthusiastically, and the most interesting thing is that I gained a very good employee, specifically because there is such a chair in my company, whereas there’s none in competition.

“Such an opportunity will not come again for a long time!”

We never expected that this sentence from the article announcing the start of the competition would turn out to be so prophetic. For the time being, we’re forced to put the organisation of the competition on hold, but we do hope that one day we’ll be able to resume it. We’ll certainly be working on other, hopefully equally attractive proposals for our clients.

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