Heating in massage chair

Heating in massage chairs

Can massage in massage armchair be even more pleasant and effective? Massage armchairs offer many functions, which impact on level of our frame of mind. Some functions are more useful, other ones, like mp3 player – a little bit less useful ;). Heating is quite important function, which will not only make time spent on massage armchair more pleasant, but also increases effectiveness of massage. Information about how heating works and how it impacts on your better frame of mind are in further part of this article.

What is IR heating in massage chairs?

Heating is used in Massaggio massage armchairs is IR type, it means heating with infrared rays. Their use is known from InfraRed saunas, a little bit less from space observation techniques or sending data in remotes ;). Forget it… it’s important that it has a beneficial effect on our body and in many publications is termed “life energy”.

Positive impact on massage in massage chair

There are different methods of heating in massage armchairs on market, but the most popular way, applied also in our Massaggio armchairs, are mats with carbon fibre, which emit heat, when are warmed. Usually heating is placed in backrest of massage armchair, but in case of Fujiiryoki JP1000 this functionality is also placed at the height of feet.

Warmth extracting from armchair heats deeper tissues, loosens muscles and eases massage performed by massaging arms. Maximum heating temperature, which reaches up to 40°C can be felt after 3 minutes since turning it on. Infrared heating mitigates muscle aches, supports healing injuries or circulation disorders. Thanks to heating during massage we feel more relaxed and mellow, we sleep and react to stress better. It’s good to remember that heating should be used only during relaxation massage, while having joints or muscles inflammation using heating isn’t advised. Recommended is cooling off this place.

Heating not only during massage in chair

Another plus of having heating function in massage armchairs is possibility of is ability to turn heating on without turning the massage on. On colder days, we can sit in comfortable massage armchair, cover with a blanket and turn on heating without massage. In this way we will warm ourselves, for example after a walk and have a pleasant nap on the occasion  in your warm house.

If heating function became even more important for You after reading this article, go to Offer and check if massage armchair chosen by You has this function.