Fujiiryoki massage chairs vs. the rest of the market – vlog #17

Massage chairs - whats the difference between Fujiiryoki and other models?

The time has come to continue with our series of massage chairs comparisons. This time we take a detailed look at the models produced by the world’s finest massage chair manufacturer. In this episode, Paweł tells us what makes Fujiiryoki massage chairs stand out from the rest, discusses their functions and what they have been doing to impress customers around the world for so many years.

Fujiiryoki a inne fotele masujące

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– Paweł, we are standing next to chairs by Fujiiryoki, as far as I know, it’s world’s top model, but what is the difference between these chairs and the rest available on the market?

– Just like you’ve said, it’s the world’s high-end product. The difference is huge. Let’s start with the fact that this is the Fujiiryoki, a Japanese brand, manufactured in Osaka since 1954. It’s where the equipment is assembled, produced entirely, every component, so in this case the Fujiiryoki factory has maintained this overall impression, this opinion of Japanese quality. We are talking here about excellent production, perfection, quality of workmanship, precision, attention to detail, commitment to make it long-lasting, so that the massage technique best meets the needs of our clients. We are talking about Japanese equipment, extremely refined, perfect workmanship.

We also know what they look like inside, what the mechanisms look like, how they are connected, how they are arranged in a box – there is not a gram of Styrofoam there, each cap has its own number to blend in properly with the appropriate side. This Japanese perfection, the quality of workmanship, is the absolute top, high-end. It should also be mentioned that Fujiiryoki is a global brand – it is not that it is only in Europe and Japan, it’s a brand that is on the very top of the global massage chairs market. It is an indicator of quality trends.
What are its main features? Let’s start with the scanning systems. They have an extremely sophisticated mechanism that massages the back from the neck to the upper parts of the buttocks. However, it starts with scanning, so these systems in the latest models are now based on the artificial intelligence algorithm, thanks to which it adjust to the line of the spine extremely precisely, to your height, so whether it’s you or your wife, it scans the spine line perfectly in the morning or evening and selects the right massage program, the pressure and place of operation according to that scan.

Secondly, the number of functions. You should know that in these chairs there are as many as 40 massage techniques that we can use.

– But are we able to use that many massage techniques?Of course you are. It gives you variety, freedom, it gives you the opportunity to experience a different massage each time. Suppose we have some sore parts of the body such as the chest section. So we can turn the kneading up, down, to the sides, operate the massager in different planes, and at exactly the right points to achieve the best effect. And every technique is a new experience. This amount allows you to discover this chair anew again and again, each time finding some new options. You test these functionalities for a month or two weeks, learn or get used to the kneading function, and then you discover shiatsu and that’s another neat function. The number of these possibilities positively contributes to the fact that this chair won’t bore you and we’re sure that that all the tensions can be removed and you can relax properly.
Moving on, these chairs offer an extensive range of intensity adjustment, as there are 12 degrees of adjustment of the back pressure level, so we can match the intensity to our personal needs. If someone needs gentle, relaxing massage, they can choose the lower levels and enjoy a calm massage even before going to bed. And if somebody needs stronger massage, we had marathon runners who needed a really strong muscle relaxation, then level as high as 12 is most suitable in the lying position. That level of intensity is not often seen even in massage parlours. And this intensity adjustment gives you this freedom whether its a child or your wife or yourself, you can set the level that is safe and suits individual needs. 

So we have the scanning, the abundance of functions, we have the possibility to regulate the intensity, but it should also be noted that just like the rest of the market, these represent the more relaxing chairs, of course you can use them preventively, so here we get very close to a good imitation of the human hand, manual massage, and we’re already very much in the spheres where the massage has specific, tangible effects, coming closer to healing, because here we experience the massage of deep muscles. Not only do we massage the top layer of our muscles, but this chair, through the applied pressure, through the techniques it uses, is also able to massage the muscles and tissues lying deeper, it also extremely relaxes, simply works wonders. It’s worth noting that this equipment is medically certified in Japan, so it’s also an indication of the direction in which the massage in the massage chairs is going.

The absolute high-end of the world market, a massage that is unprecedented in any other model in the world.