The first massage on a massage chair

First time in massage chair

Do you remember when you saw a massage chair for the first time? We're pretty sure that you, just like us, were already wondering how it performs massage and what it feels like to be massaged that way. In most cases, however, our ideas don't have a lot in common with reality, and the perception of the massage chair changes after the first massage. So what does our imagination tell us, and what is it really like? Read about it in the following article. 


Various thoughts come to mind before the first massage in a massage chair. How does it work? Will it impress me? Will it tickle? :) Most often, however, the first thought concerns shaking or vibrations - this is how we imagine massage. We think that the chair gently vibrates, that during the massage there are vibrations, that the touch will not be noticeable. On the other hand, there are also opinions that the massage chair shakes :-) It turns out, however, that it can't be farther from the truth, and these are just myths


Ideas such as those described above vanish when you test the massage chair yourself. First of all, at the heart of the massage chair are special arms that imitate the hands of a massage therapist, which are controlled by special software. Customers who have already experienced a massage in such a chair are usually surprised. Such confrontation of preconceived ideas with reality changes the perception of massage in the massage chair quite quickly. Not only are we not dealing with vibrations or shaking, but the intensity of the massage is really impressive. Most professional massage chairs offer a more intense massage than chairs set in shopping malls or even hotel masseurs. It should be borne in mind that in certain models the force of the pressure can be adjusted, in others it is necessary to adjust the position of the backrest. The more horizontal the position, the more the body adheres to the massage unit and the stronger the massage. Typically, after the clients have left the chair we hear that they did not expect such a reliable and thorough massage, that they are impressed by its strength and precision. The faces light up with a smile and relaxation. Most people who have been sceptical about this type of equipment before, often recognize the need to have a massage chair after the first massage session. 


In order to make massage a pleasant, relaxing experience, it is worth remembering about a few rules, especially during the first several sessions. Because our body is frequently not ready for this - the muscles are tense and tight. Therefore, the initial massages should be shorter and less frequent.It sometimes happened that we received calls from customers, that the massage hurts. However, as we talked about it, it turned out that from the very first day they had been having several massage sessions a day. Of course, nothing bad happens if on the first day you sit a little longer on the chair wanting to enjoy it more and have fun, but be smart about it :) First of all, it is a good idea to use cushions at the beginning, e.g. our blanket + cushions set, under the loins or neck, which will reduce the pressure of the massage unit. 

Are you thinking about confronting your ideas with reality? Or maybe you already know what a massage in a massage chair looks like and you would like to enjoy it every day? Contact us and pick your massage chair. 


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