Deep tissue massage on the Fujiiryoki JP1000 massage chair

Deep tissue massage

Although being one of the most popular forms of massage, it is possible that deep tissue massage, sometimes referred to as deep massage, is known only to the regulars of massage parlours or physiotherapy clinics. Up to now, such massage combining relaxation and medical treatment had been performed only by professionals, but currently it is available to the public thanks to massage chairs. The following article will inform you what deep tissue massage involves, how it is performed and will also list the indications for it. 

What does deep tissue massage involve?

Deep tissue massage is a technique in which the touch of a masseur or the massage arms reaches as far as soft tissues, effectively affecting their structure and flexibility. Its primary objective is to reduce aches and pains. In addition, it also contributes to muscle relaxation, maintaining proper posture, as well as improves the range and quality of movement. This can be achieved thanks to the gradual elimination of tensions and dysfunctions that have appeared in and around the soft tissue. And although the name may be perceived quite differently, this massage is extremely delicate and delivered at a slow pace, thus each movement is made with great precision and carefully adjusted pressure. Therefore, deep tissue massage does not cause any pain or discomfort to the person being treated. 

Indications for deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage has a wide range of applications, however, there are several specific indications speaking for it. It is recommended especially for those who suffer from chronic muscle pain, however, this type of massage is also beneficial for people with reduced joint mobility, inflammation of joints, muscles, tendons or symptoms of sciatica and brachialgia. It is also successfully used to treat postural defects. And even though deep tissue massage is seen as beneficial primarily for health reasons, it is also ideal for neuralgia, stress or fatigue.

Deep tissue massage in Fujiiryoki JP1000

Fujiiryoki JP1000 is the first and so far the only massage chair on the market which can reach deep tissues through appropriate pressure thanks to the application of Kiwami Pro technology. In many other chairs the massage arms move in two planes, but in this model they also move in the third plane, i.e. forwards and backwards. And that is when they move in proper sequence towards the muscles – in the range of up to 12.5 cm. Such a precise and effective massage movement is possible due to two carefully designed sensors that adjust the intensity of the massage to the shape of the spine based on the scanning performed beforehand. Such a deep massage effectively relieves tension and eliminates chronic pain, leaving muscles fully relaxed and pleasantly rested.  

A question may arise here: is it safe? Yes, it is. The Fujiiryoki JP1000 is one of the few massage chairs in the world to have a Japanese certificate of medical equipment and can also be used in professional therapy.

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