COVID-19 and our procedures

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As of January 15, 2021, we are returning to the standard rules of the company’s operation, while ensuring the safety and health of our employees and customers. We resume presentations of massage chairs and provide services on an ongoing basis.

Just like in the spring of 2020, we continue working and taking appropriate measures to ensure that both our employees and clients are safe during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. We carry out orders on a regular basis, strictly following all the necessary safety guidelines and procedures. 

Having consulted the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Olsztyn, we are applying the following solutions to deal with the current situation.

Our office workers work remotely, therefore we ask for your understanding if any stage of the order gets prolonged.

Safe Delivery

We continue to provide our Carefree Delivery service to the customer as part of the so-called Safe Delivery. While visiting the Customer’s premises, we comply with all recommendations, including keeping appropriate distance between people. We make every effort to make the purchase of the massage chair as safe as possible. Unfortunately, therefore, we have to refrain from carrying out detailed demonstration (we can just bring and assemble the equipment), and we limit the number of documents handed over to the minimum. There are video manuals available on our website which can help you with the initial use of the chair. We also try to limit the acceptance of cash – if possible, please pay online. Our Safe Delivery staff are thoroughly briefed and equipped with the necessary protective measures. If possible, the chair is assembled before entering the house. Folded chair is brought inside without an external cardboard box and is additionally disinfected after assembly.


If your health indicates that you may be infected with a virus, we kindly ask you to consult us by phone in advance in order to determine how to proceed with your order.

Courier delivery

We carry out the delivery of massage chairs through a courier company, bearing in mind all the precautions. 

Try out the massage chair – Individual Tests

We suspend the presentation of massage chairs in the current formula. However, in order to allow the possibility of testing the massage chairs before buying and ensuring the greatest possible safety, we are introducing the Individual Testing service. After placing the order for the test and paying for the massage chair and delivery, our suppliers bring the selected massage chair to the customer (we send compact chairs via a courier company). The customer has 5 days to familiarize themselves with the chair and its functions and make a decision. If, after this time, the decision to buy a massage chair is negative, we collect the chair at no additional cost and return the money paid for the chair.

Maintenance of massage chairs

However, we suspend the maintenance of the massage chairs entirely, at the same time noting that the guarantees are extended to include the time from the moment the need for maintenance is reported to its performance. The reported issues will be dealt with as soon as the epidemiological situation calms down.


We also suspend the operation of our Showroom located in Olsztyn until further notice.

Undoubtedly, we are experiencing an exceptional situation. In view of the overabundance of both true and untrue information on the COVID-19 coronavirus, we recommend the Polish government website “Koronawirus – what do we know about it?“, where you can find reliable information on the subject in questions and answers.

If you have questions or doubts at this particular time, do not hesitate to contact us. We wish everyone a lot of health and, of course, good mood and positive thoughts.