COVID-19 and our procedures

Procedures against COVID-19 by Rest Lords

During the period of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, we continue to work and take appropriate measures to ensure that both our employees and our customers remain safe. We carry out our orders on an ongoing basis, strictly adhering to safety guidelines and procedures.

After consultations with the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Olsztyn, we apply the solutions listed below in relation to the current situation.

We carry out deliveries of our massage chairs through a courier company, taking all necessary precautions. In the near future, shipments will be additionally protected with foil and ozonized inside. It is then recommended to remove the foil outside and immediately throw it into a container for plastics. The contents can then be taken home safely.

We follow all recommendations during Carefree Delivery, including keeping a suitable distance between two people. We make every effort to make the purchase of a massage chair as safe as possible. The employees performing Carefree Delivery are instructed in detail and equipped with the essential safety measures. The chair is placed inside without an external cardboard box, and after installation it is additionally disinfected. We leave the previously printed documents in punched pockets. We also limit the acceptance of cash - we ask for payment online.

We also use the above exceptional precautions when presenting and service massage chairs.

Undoubtedly, we are dealing with an exceptional situation. In view of the large amount of both true and inaccurate information about the coronavirus COVID-19, we recommend the government website “Coronavirus - what do we know about it?”, where you can find reliable information about it in FAQ section.

If you have questions or doubts at this particular time, please contact us. We wish everyone good health and, of course, good mood! 

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