Contraindications for using the massage chair – vlog #12

Contraindications for using the massage chair

One of the most frequently asked questions prior to buying a massage chair is about contraindications to use such a form of massage. Massage chairs are very safe, but similarly to any other equipment, it might not be advisable for everyone. In this episode, Paweł explains what are the most common contraindications to massage and what doesn’t constitute an obstacle preventing you from using this form of relaxation.

Contraindications for using the massage chair - vlog

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– Paweł, we discuss the advantages of massage chairs, but there must also be some contraindications?

-: Well, as is the case with all equipment, there are some contraindications, but you have to remember that the equipment is safe, certified, approved for the European market and you can use it at home without the help of an instructor or any kind of expert, that’ s the basic fact.

However, addressing the contraindications directly, in general, in my opinion the most important one is ignorance. The entire list of contraindications that comes with the chairs, consists of more or less obvious things, for example: wounds like open fractures, broken bones, cuts in areas subject to massage or spinal injuries. These are self-evident things and it should hardly occur to anyone to use a massage chair or go for a regular hand massage while having such problems.

The list of contraindications also includes such things as fever or menstruation, but here we are talking more about the comfort of massage. Another is, of course, pregnancy, which is a debatable issue, although an individual choice – it requires consultation with a doctor. I see this particular example on a daily basis because my fiancée is expecting a baby and Ewelina is enjoying both a massage chair and a manual massage. Of course, we choose the lighter techniques, more delicate, such as rolling, kneading in places where the tensions appear. It’s clear that a pregnant woman has a strained spine, the associated tensions appear, so the massage is recommended – manual massage for certain but one in the massage chair as well. If we approach this subject with reason, it will certainly yield good results. Again, it is worth noting that this is an individual issue and we should consult a physician.

The contraindications also include, for example, cancer, in which case we should not use a massage or a pacemaker. This topic is again a somewhat debatable one, it depends mainly on what kind of pacemaker it is – the chairs are generally certified and the magnetic field they produce is negligible. Despite this, this contraindication would have to be consulted with a doctor, who could determine whether this particular pacemaker excludes the use of the chair, because it may also exclude the use of a mobile phone – the magnetic field in the massage chair and mobile phone is quite similar.

Varicose veins are another contraindication indicated by the manufacturer. The decisive element here is the stage of advancement of the disease; in initial stages it should rather stimulate the circulation and work on blood flow, and in the more advanced stages probably not anymore, which naturally should already be consulted with a doctor.

We never put ourselves in the role of a doctor and always refer to a specialist for consultation if we have doubts. It’s always recommended to use the massage chair in a completely safe way later on. The main contraindication is ignorance, so if we have common sense, we can feel and know to what extent we can enjoy a massage in the massage chair.

Does massage in massage armchairs have contraindication?