Commercial use of massage armchair

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Undoubtedly, we all remember massage chairs standing in shopping malls, swimming pools or gyms, where you can receive a massage for a small charge. And although it’s not the best place to unwind, relax and refresh nor is it the most innovative idea for a business, it does show that massage chairs provide great opportunities for relaxation, rest and regeneration, as well as an opportunity to make money. Thus, in the following article we take a slightly different look at the commercial use of a massage chair and suggest how to generate profit from it.

Coin operated massage chairs?

Up until a few years ago, we offered the Massaggio Occupato model, which was created for commercial use. It was activated upon inserting a coin or a token, which allowed it to work automatically. However, we decided to withdraw it from sale after some time. Sometimes, instead of coins, the control panel was blocked by rubbish, chewing gum, etc., which made the chair unreliable and unable to perform its function. But if you want a coin-operated massage chair, it’s best to look for reliable integrated systems that come with reinforced components and a casing that protects it from mechanical damage.

How to make money with a massage chair

A coin-operated massage chair is the most obvious, yet not necessarily the best way to earn a living. Instead, there are other ways that you should know about that are less of a hassle and much more effective at making a profit. One of them is definitely the inclusion of a massage chair in your business setting, as we’ve already written about in the article “Massage chair in a beauty, hairdressing salon and massage parlours. The massage chair can of course be set up in the waiting room for customers to use, but it can also be an element of the offer, service which the customer will have to pay for. Many of our clients benefit from this solution and charge for massages in beauty salons, spa centres or guesthouses. It’s a great way to increase the attractiveness of your offer and draw in new customers. 

Another way, although certainly less obvious, is to set up a massage chair in a relax room. In the “Relax Room with massage chair” blog article, we explained how a massage chair provides relaxation and boosts your energy to carry on working. For employers, it’s also a way to stand out in the labour market. However, it’s safe to say that charging for a massage at work would not be welcomed by employees ;-), so the benefit of a massage chair should be seen as an investment in employees, their energy, well-being and willingness to work.

Which massage chair to choose?

The massage chairs that can be used by a wide range of customers work best. A great example is the Massaggio Eccellente 2, which combines advanced functionalities with outstanding design. First of all, this model does not have a foot massager, which allows you to use the chair without having to take off your shoes. In addition, the durable and odourless synthetic leather makes it easy to care for and keep clean. 

Another massage chair that would be perfect for commercial use is the Keyton H10. It’s a personalised model, which can seamlessly match the décor of existing interiors through the choice of design, colour or material. Another great advantage is the possibility to brand it – you can put your company logo or name on it, which will make it even more exclusive. 

As you can see, the massage chair can be successfully used for commercial purposes. However, it’s worth approaching it with common sense and decide on a solution that will bring profit and not turn into a problem. So if you’re thinking about a massage chair for your business and have questions, feel free to contact us.