Bloggers discussing massage chairs

Jan Adamski and Jakub Roskosz about massage armchairs

It’s high time we proudly presented the latest effects of our cooperation with two bloggers that tested our equipment and shared their impressions after massage in two different massage chairs: Fujiiryoki JP1000 and Keyton H10. 

This time, Jakub Roskosz and Jan Adamski were invited to Warmia. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and sailboats, both Gentlemen had the opportunity to confront their impressions, observations and exchange opinions formed following the massage sessions. This in turn led to an extensive debate, where bloggers discussed not only massage chairs from the point of view of two generations, but also the potential of the equipment, its adaptability and tailor-made character :)

Watch it now! 

Blogers speaking about massage chairs


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How to dress for a massage in the massage chair?

When going to the masseur, you are prepared that you will have to undress for the massage. Completely different than in the massage chair. So how to dress for a massage in the massage chair?

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