Backstage for Carefree Delivery of massage chairs

Delivery of massage chairs

Every delivery and every new route is a new adventure – this is what our employees, who provide you with an armchair, say at least. A sunny day or constant snow, a wake-up call in the middle of the night just to be on the other end of Poland in the morning and deliver the chosen massage chair to the right place – it’s their everyday life. And although the delivery is usually connected with a long journey, it is the talks and meetings with you that provide us with satisfaction and energy for further action. The following article tells the most interesting stories of our deliveries – get to know the backstage of Carefree Delivery.

Massage chairs are distributed all over Poland…

Although our headquarters are located in the capital of Warmia and Mazury, we travel all over the country providing massage chairs. And so, one day we wait for a ferry in Świnoujście, and the next day we put on chains on wheels near Zakopane. Many times we go to places that are difficult to find on the map (detailed instructions are given by customers – “right behind the shop at Agata, you know where, then turn left”) or the tallest buildings in the centre of Wrocław or Warsaw with a beautiful view of the city. And although we visit a lot of places, the problem of finding the right address appeared only once! Fortunately, the right one was right next to us – unfortunately for us, it was connected with bringing the chair back to the 4th floor :) This short cross-section of places shows that we can get with a massage chair everywhere. And wherever we go, we are always greeted with a nice reception. We had the opportunity to try great Podlasie cheeses and excellent poppy seed cakes in the South, and to eat amazing scrambled eggs with zucchini for Sunday breakfast near Gdansk. We were also served many times with regional drinks, but here, please understand, we always refuse!

*Beside this one memorable time in Białystok, where one of the suppliers was persuaded… but worry not, he did not drive :-)

…and there are no impossible tasks for us!

Many times, while talking to our customers before the delivery, we were asked the question whether the model can be brought up to the 3rd floor, whether it will pass through a door of non-standard dimensions or fit into a narrow staircase. In each such situation we try to find the best possible solution and place the massage chair in the place chosen by the customer. Therefore, if the place turns out to be the attic, to which only a hole in the ceiling leads, we unfold the armchair into parts, move it and fold it in the attic. However, the most difficult task we faced was in Koszalin, where there was a need to bring the armchair upstairs on the winding stairs. The first approach was unsuccessful, but the second time we were better prepared – we put the armchair through the window with a help of a crane! 

Unfortunately, during Carefree Delivery we are not protected from all crisis situations. For example, when we brought our biggest chair Massaggio Stravagante, we damaged the floor despite taking the utmost care. However, we were and are prepared for such an eventuality – our insurance fully covered the damage. During one of the routes we also had a huge misunderstanding – one of our clients was convinced that the Fujiiryoki JP1000 massage chair costs one zero less. And since it was already an old customer and we didn’t want to be accused of having relationships with peddlers, we left as soon as possible… well, misunderstandings do happen.

As you can see, we do everything to ensure that the delivery of your massage chair takes place without any worries :) This is our absolute priority, because remember: Your well-being is all that matters here. If you are interested in this option, please mark it when placing an order or contact us.