Are massage chairs healthy?

Are they healthy?

There’s nothing more precious than our health. It’s obvious to most of us, if not everyone. That is why we go to great lengths, at all times and in every situation, to look after our health. In order to do so, we pay attention to proper nutrition, regular physical activity, but also the quality of the equipment which surrounds us and which we use every day. Therefore, when buying any device for the house, be it exercise equipment, accessories for beauty treatments or a massage chair, we want to be certain that its use won’t be detrimental to our health. In the following article, we answer the question of whether a massage chair is healthy. 

Therapeutic massage versus relaxing massage in a massage chair

Reflecting on the issue of how massage chairs affect our health, it is worth distinguishing between therapeutic massage and relaxing one. Therapeutic massage needs to be performed by a professional, as only they are able to assess the health of someone who has come for treatment. Previously collected history will allow the therapist to identify existing ailments and illnesses and, using knowledge and experience, to adjust the massage to the individual and his or her health condition. Therefore, in the event of any kind of injury, serious trauma or advanced degenerative conditions, it is recommended to receive massage in a professional massage parlour. 

However, if we don’t face such serious conditions, but instead we struggle with temporary discomfort, which, for example, is a consequence of our lifestyle or the type of work we do, we can benefit from massage in a massage chair. Performed with massaging arms imitating the movements of a masseur’s hands, the massage will serve primarily a preventive and relaxing function. Thanks to its precise movements, the possibility to focus the massage on a particular spot, airbags and other accessories, the massage chair will help to prevent degenerative changes at an early stage, improve the fitness of the body and its mobility. It also relaxes, calms and soothes. Of course, such preventive as well as relaxing massage can be performed in the parlour, but the massage chair can be used just as well.

Contraindications to using a massage chair

First of all, it should be noted that massage chairs are safe devices that have been thoroughly and carefully examined and tested, and above all, have the required certificates for use. However, as with any equipment, there are contraindications that may render the use of massage inadvisable. These include, for example, fever, broken bones, pregnancy, spinal injuries or implanted pacemakers. However, it is worth knowing that in most cases, these contraindications are listed on a precautionary basis, so prior to using a massage chair, it is worth consulting your doctor who will be able to address massage in a massage chair given our medical examination results. And you can read more about contraindications in the article Are there any contraindications to enjoy massage in a massage chair?

Concerns regarding massage chairs

Some people, especially of slimmer stature, often worry that the chair may harm their bodies “mechanically”. It is, after all, a piece of machinery and the operation of the massaging arms is far from gentle stroking. It’s true, although there are many models available on the market, some of which massage harder, while others offer a milder experience. On the other hand, the top models come with adjustable massage intensity, so you can set it to suit your needs. If you have any doubts about the intensity of the massage, it is worth trying out the model you’ve chosen so that you can be sure that the massage intensity will be ideal for you.

There may also be concerns about the quality of the materials used and the performance of the chair. We’ve been asked whether the massage chair emits unpleasant smells, whether it can trigger allergies, whether it generates noise – after all, noise can also be ‘toxic’. Well, nothing of the sort. If the massage chair was ”toxic”, it wouldn’t be allowed on the European market. Plus, massage chairs wouldn’t be getting more and more popular in that case :-)

Is it healthy to use massage chairs?

A regular massage, either in a massage chair or performed by a professional masseur, is beneficial in many ways: it relieves tension, elevates mood and improves the condition of the body. So if we don’t have any serious problems with our general physical well-being, we don’t have any contraindications to massage, and we also wish to enjoy massage at home, we can certainly use massage chairs, which can have only positive effects on us. 

Massage in a massage chair relieves stress, eliminates muscle pain, eliminates stiffness in joints and muscles and brings pleasant relief. As such, it won’t worsen our condition, but instead will act as an excellent preventive measure against ailments resulting from aging or our lifestyle. Above all, however, it will contribute to improving our well-being. The operation of the massaging arms in concert with the airbags and frequently with the leg massage is excellent at calming us down, soothing us and helping us to cope with stress. And this is also intrinsically linked to health – the psyche has a huge impact on the state of our entire organism.

As you can see, massage chairs contribute significantly to improving our health. This equipment is completely safe (at least the models offered by us, which we vouch for), so as long as you have no major contraindications, you can use them with confidence. We hope that this article has cleared up your doubts, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.