About Massaggio massage chairs

Fotele masujące marki Massaggio

Brand Massaggio means modern style, innovative massage functions and high quality of realisation. They also have bargain price and that’s why many people from Poland choose those massage armchairs. More information about Massaggio brand are in this article.

History of Massaggio massage armchairs

Massaggio is our authorial massage armchair brand. Few years ago, while observing massage armchairs’ market, we detected potential in those products. We improved their functions, quality of massage and quality of realization. In 2010 a trademark was registered and work on this brand had started.

After many conversations with Customers and basing on our experience, we defined the most desired features in massage armchairs by Poles. On this basis we put out production of massage armchairs signed with our brand. We chose specialized factory, with which we cooperate to this day and create complete line of massage armchairs. Factory is in the centre of worldwide massage armchairs production, which is in China. Thanks to proper technology and experience gained through the years, manufacturers are able to provide high quality of realization and equip armchairs in advanced massage functions.

Nowadays, after years of collaboration with one manufacturer, after developing own production norms and ways of quality control, we can’t imagine producing massage armchair anywhere else.

What differentiates Massaggio massage chairs?

While developing Massaggio massage armchairs offer, we paid attention on few important factors, which became characteristic for our brand:

  • Innovative functions – each of our massage armchairs has the most innovative and up to date massage functions.
  • High quality of realization – we scrupulously control production so that our models were based on solid units and characterise with high durability.
  • Complete offer – in Massaggio line there are basic massage armchairs for beginners, commercial massage armchairs and advanced massage armchairs for demanding ones.
  • Competitive price – by selling independently, without mediators, we limit useless costs and keep high quality and functionality of massage armchairs.
  • Beautiful design – incredibly important feature of our massage armchairs is their unique style inspired by beautiful Italian esthetics. We do everything to make our armchairs stand out with their original, futuristic line and simultaneously be unusual and modern element of home décor.

We constantly work on our offer, and enrich functions of massage armchairs. At the moment we already have third version of Massaggio Conveniente massage armchair and second version of Massaggio Esclusivo massage armchair. We hope that at the end of 2016 we will be able to present new model… but let’s keep it in a secret for now ;)

To get to know the whole line of Massaggio massage armchairs and choose perfect model for You, go to the offer.