Let’s talk about the Massaggio brand

Fotele masujące marki Massaggio

The Massaggio brand stands for modern style, innovative massage functions and a high quality design. Add to this an attractive price, and you have the answer to the question of why Massaggio massage chairs are becoming more and more popular. And you can learn more about the Massaggio brand by reading this article.

History of the Massaggio brand

Massaggio is our proprietary brand of massage chairs. Back in 2010, we registered the trademark and started developing the brand. After numerous discussions with customers and drawing on our experience, we identified the most desirable features of massage chairs. Based on this, we commissioned the production of massage chairs under our own brand. We chose a specialised factory located in the heart of the world’s massage chair manufacturing in China, with whom we have been working ever since to create a complete line of massage chairs. Having worked with this manufacturer for years, and having developed our own manufacturing standards and quality control method, we simply can’t imagine manufacturing massage chairs anywhere else.

What makes Massaggio massage chairs exceptional?

When developing the Massaggio massage chair range, we paid attention to several important factors that have become the distinguishing features of our brand:

  • Innovative functionalities – each of our massage chairs includes the latest, most innovative massage functions.
  • High quality construction – we control the manufacturing process so that our models are based on reliable components and are characterized by high durability.
  • Complete offer – the Massaggio line includes both basic, massage chairs for beginners that do not recline, as well as advanced massage chairs with a number of cutting-edge technologies for more demanding users.
  • Competitive price – thanks to independent distribution, without the network of intermediaries we minimize the unnecessary costs, maintaining high quality and functionality of massage chairs.
  • Beautiful design – we pay great attention to unconventional stylistics. The models we offer stand out in the market with their original, futuristic shape, which makes them an exceptional and modern element of your home or flat decor.
  • Eye-catching colour combinations – the choice of palette for massage chairs has always been a very important aspect of introducing new models to the market. Massaggio brand is mostly classic combinations that fit into any interior, but also unusual combinations that will always attract attention.

We are constantly improving our assortment, introducing new models and updating massage chair functionalities with new solutions. Today we can proudly present next editions of Massaggio Eccellente, Esclusivo or Stravagante chairs. If you want to discover the entire line of Massaggio massage chairs and pick the perfect model for you, go to the relevant product page or contact us.