3D and 2D massage in the massage chair

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3D – technology is so far associated with movie theatres, television, graphics or recently – printers. It is used in newer and newer areas of life. Although the first impression suggests that this terminology is not even in the slightest connected with massage chairs, it is more and more often found in them. In the following article we explain how 3D technology works in the massage chair and how it affects your relaxation. 

3D Technology in the massage chair

As the name suggests, mechanical massage in 3D massage chairs is performed in three planes. The massage arms, moving along the entire length of the spine, lead the massage in the up and down directions, and to the right and left, and additionally take into account the exact shape of the spine. Adjusting to its natural curvature, the massage goes deeper at the lumbar level and moves away from the chest, all the time parallel to the line of the spine. Thanks to the spatial massage function available in our offer in Fujiiryoki JP1000 and Massaggio Stravagante, the chair marks the most important points and scans the spine even more accurately, which will result in greater precision of the massage performed. In addition, in massage chairs with 3D massage function, the pressure of the massage arms can be adjusted. 

2D Massage in the massage chair

In most massage chairs available on the market, the massage arms move in 2D technology. This means that the massager moves in two planes – up and down, and to the right and left. Despite the lack of the third plane and the possibility to adjust the pressure force, thanks to a properly designed mechanism the balls at the massage arms move near the back.

4D – The fourth dimension in massage chairs?

During mechanical 4D massage, the massage arms do not move with the same speed. A suitable combination of the following has been added to the three planes. Tempo is therefore the fourth dimension of the massage. During the massage in a given technique, arms accelerate and decelerate the massage in a specially programmed moment. And although there have been attempts to introduce this technology in massage chairs, it has not appeared in the latest models anymore. One can therefore suspect that it is a bit like 9D cinemas, where the amount of excitement and emotion causes a feeling of over combination and saturation. It simply did not get accepted. And what will the future bring? We shall see.

If you would like to try out 3D technology in a massage chair or if you have any additional questions after reading this, please contact us.