2-in-1-ness of massage armchair Tokuyo iFancy

Fotel masujący 2w1 Tokuyo iFancy

Everywhere in Tokuyo iFancy massage armchair descriptions there is term 2-in-1, simultaneously: leisure and massage armchair. How does it work? What separates this armchair from other ones? What is so special about this armchair? … because at first look it doesn’t resemble typical massage armchair and You could say, that it looks quite simple. This is the point of this armchair! You will find out everything, while reading this article.

Difference between typical massage armchairs and Tokuyo Ifancy

Each massage armchair offers its flagship functionality included in its name, it means possibility of performing a massage – they are designed to be able to put different massage techniques or innovative functions in them. Those factors made design of many massage armchairs is very similar and dictated by technical requirements. Obviously, one massage armchairs are more futuristic and designer, another less, but always at first look, we know that we face something different than usual armchair.

Tokuyo designers came out with another idea. They decided to build armchair, which will still be massage armchair offering very good and innovative massage, but also armchair, in which You will be able to sit comfortably and have a rest… armchair, which will interest by its look, the one, which will resemble classic lounge armchair. And they achieved their goal. Tokuyo iFancy has completely neutral look, not associated with electronics, but in this beautiful, designer casing beneath soft pillows is hidden well-developed massaging mechanism, together with actuators, air pumps and rest of mechanics.

This line completely separates from style of modern massage armchairs, but it has every important functionalities of massage.

Lounge armchair and massage armchair

Those are two functions in one, at first look simple Tokuyo iFancy. Why do we emphasise it? Is it impossible to relax on other armchairs? We can sit in them, lean the backrest and lay comfortably not using the massage, but it won’t be as cosy and comfortable as in Tokuyo iFancy. Thanks to proper profile and attached pillows on backrest he is more soft, fluffy and incredibly comfortable. By leaning his position to zero-gravity position we can relax in peace, read a book, sleep, simply have a rest…

On the other hand when we detach pillows with one move and rotate the footrest (see photos below), we show his second character and are able to massage ourselves. It isn’t a regular massage, because inside we have developed mechanism with L-shape massage, massaging rolls offering massage with four techniques also in 4 automatic programs. There is also vibrational massage and air cushions on calves. Additionally the armchair folds back to Zero Gravity position and moves away from wall, saving occupied place – it’s called Zero Wall.

In this way friendly image and possibilities of lounge armchair have been saved and inside are hidden many possibilities, what makes it the only armchair of this type on Polish market.

When You already know, what does 2-in-1 means, advance to the offer, familiarize with the ins and outs of Tokuyo iFancy and get yourself one!