Add-ons to massage armchairs

Is massage armchair not enough? We suggest accessories and massagers as a supplement to massage armchairs.

Accessories will be useful, for example, during armchair’ maintenance or to improve relaxation and massage comfort.
Massagers can effectively “bribe” your wife during armchair purchase – small gift and an honest smile can work miracles ;)

Blanket and pillows

Blanket and pillows

Dimensionally adjusted set – blanket and two pillows.

During massage body behaves like during a nap and may slightly cool down. To increase standard of relaxation and keep proper body temperature it’s good to cover with a blanket prepared by us. His suitable dimensions will perfectly cover the whole body and won’t slip into moving elements of massage armchair. Also included in set are two pillows. First, the softer one can be put under the head to reduce tension of neck muscles. Second, the thinner one, can be placed under loins, what is recommended in first stages of massage and to people, who want to reduce pressure of massaging arms.

Sets are available in 2 colouristic versions: cream with grey writing and burgundy with cream writing.

Price: 340 zł

Universal massager

Universal massager

Loosening massage, like with a wave of magic wand…

Thanks to two durable, vibrating massaging heads, this little manual massager turns out to be incredibly pleasant and effective massage device, which will provide quick relaxation of every spot that is in need of it. True statement is that this massager is extension or even reinforcement of masseur’s hand, which thanks to two pairs of different massage caps, fully regulated speed massage and heat therapy is able to precisely massage aching muscles and put fresh, invigorating energy into them.

Price: 360 zł

Leg massager

Leg massager

Relaxing massage “in range” of your leg

Loosen tired legs and feel pleasure provided by massage with 6 massaging rolls and 30 air cushions. Take off the load of your legs by gently massaging your legs from thighs to the end of toes.

You can freely change massager settings and adjust it to your needs. Switch between automatic program, 3 air massage options, 3 massage with massaging rolls options and 3 massage intensities. Innovative, mobile massager element can be set in range of 110 degrees, aiming massage to thighs, calves or even knees. On cooler evenings turn on extra heating and increase feeling of relaxation.

Price: 2260 zł

Vibrational platform

Vibrational platform

Burn unnecessary calories without leaving home.

No matter if it rains or how cold is outside thanks to muscle stimulation on vibrational platform, without leaving home, your muscles will behave like during a walk or run, burning needless calories by the way. There are a dozen or so fitness exercises on this platform, also You can create your own combinations of using it… Enrich your home workout in extra factor and enjoy the effects.

You have 3 automatic modes, simulating walk, jog and sprint. There are also 10 manual modes. Thanks to all those functionalities, You will obtain the effect of running for 1 km, by keeping the balance and muscle tension for 5 minutes on the platform.

You can steer the whole vibrational platform with a wireless controller.

To motivate even more and set yourself on achieving your goals on screen there are shown burned calories and covered distance by You.

Price: 1780 zł


Ricco and Bello 2 - new models of Massaggio massage chairs

In our offer there are two new massage chairs. These are the first, compact models with such advanced features.

This massage chair is loved by women!

Which massage chair is most often chosen by the women? Why is it? The Women's Day is approaching ... a good excuse to get interested in it :-)

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