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Writing this article, we focused on the art of massage ensured by massage armchairs, emphasizing on advantages that it brings and how it influences our frame of mind in a positive way.

What is the meaning of massage and how can it influence improvement of our frame of mind?

Find out what you can get…

Massage had originated five thousand years ago when in China in Cong-Fou as it has been mentioned previously Through Hindu’s book of wisdom and research papers from Greece and Rome it was growing stronger and stronger. Nowadays thanks to possibilities of massage armchairs we have a broad access to massage. Everything at your fingertips… in the morning or in the evening, after working behind desk or after long hours of driving, after workout or fitness we can sit comfortable in our own massage armchair and enjoy a beneficial massage.

Massage in those armchairs is performed with a mechanism, which simulates moves of the professional masseur with very high precision. That’s why we have few basic massage techniques available, borrowed from traditional massage:

  • kneading – technique of the classic massage, which can be compared to kneading dough. This technique’s task is to improve blood and lymph flow, to reach receptors of the deep feeling and quickly regenerate muscles.
  • clapping – this technique is about cyclical hitting area that is currently under massage and it has to break muscles properly. Especially useful for people, who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.
  • shiatsu – massage originated in Japan, in case of massage armchairs simulates squeezing with thumbs. Massage technique also called acupressure without needle helps in body detox and calming down.

From the menu of massage chairs we have much more techniques improving basic massage techniques. Starting from rolling or rippling massages that will prepare you to actual massage, initially warming up muscles, thanks to techniques called 3D, which will be moving almost perfectly with curvature of your spine, finishing on techniques called KIWAMI developed by massage armchairs specialists from Fujiiryoki.

Thanks to professional massage techniques on massage armchairs you are able to care about your frame of mind and health. Massage in massage armchair gives you:

  • Mainly great occasion to relax body and soul. You can shut down for a while thanks to relaxing massage that is performed by massaging arms.
  • Rest for achy and tense muscles, way to get rid of many ailments, mainly those, who affect spine and limbs.
  • Oxygenation of muscles and quicker regeneration  of energy after work or training. Applied systematically it will improve condition of your body.
  • Our organism will have better blood circulation and will be easier for him to get rid of toxin.
  • Better work of immune system. Thanks to cyclical sessions on massage armchairs your immune system will be improved.
  • It helps with anxiety and stress management, lowers blood pressure and calms down your heartbeat. Improves self-esteem, giving you feeling that you are taking care of your body and frame of mind.