About massage chairs

about massage chairs Rest Lords

Acquire valuable information that will broaden your knowledge about massage armchairs.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Massage armchairs were invented more than fifty years ago in Japan. In 1954 Nabuo Fujimoto after years of attempts proposed first commercial massage armchair. Model made from wood, which interestingly, after connecting to electricity still works.

First massage armchairs were doing simple massage and they wasn’t looking comfortable, but they quickly convinced people searching for relaxation and health.

Technologies started to develop, new manufacturers showed up, another Asian countries showed an interest in massage armchairs, then USA and Europe. The biggest technological growth took place in 1990. Since then massage armchairs started to replace private masseurs in houses of people, who care about good frame of mind. Nowadays massage armchairs in Asia became part of many houses and are as popular as home cinemas in Europe. There is a broad choice of massage armchairs in Asia. They are often sold in electric shops. Europeans also need a good frame of mind and they more and more often buy massage armchairs. In Poland massage armchairs appeared at the beginning of the ‘90s. Nowadays on our market we have tens of models in a very broad quality and price range.

How does that happen…

…that device is massaging me? Massage armchairs, the real ones, its massage stem predicate on so-called massaging arms. They are two or four orbs, made from soft material similar to rubber. They are placed at the end of arms, which moving along the spine imitate hand movements of masseur, borrowed from classic massage techniques. Those moves are executed in different sequences with appropriate speed, force, also in various width and length of the spine. When you close your eyes you feel nice, fully adjustable touch on your back, which at first will intimidate you, but later it will be fascinating for you.

Next to mechanical massage there is also air massage. It is executed by a line of cushions, which in accordance with intended use, during appropriate sequences fill up with air and wrap various body parts. Air cushions in some programs work together with mechanical massage, supporting its effect. They can also work alone by proper shrinking and loosing muscles. On the occasion they also stimulate blood circulation. Our massage armchairs also have many other functions, for example: leg rollers, heating, vibrations, L-shape and Zero-Gravity. All of them enrich the effect of relaxation on massage armchair. Very long essay can be written about the way they work.

Materials used

People frequently ask: Are massage armchairs made from natural leather or artificial? Armchairs made from natural leather are available on order and require an extra payment, but as a rule all of our massage chairs are made from high quality artificial leather, which is dedicated to this type of devices. Leather used in our armchairs reject fluids, smells and is very resistant to abrasion and cracking. Not every natural leather endures work of massaging arms, air cushions or heating. After taking minimal care of leather, she will be serving you for a long time.