3 ways to fund purchase of massage chair

3 sposoby finansowania zakupu fotela masującego

There are situations when You want to buy massage armchair, but You don’t have enough money on our dream massage armchair. What to do in a situation like this? We observe for a longer time how our customers take advantage of endowments, which ease their purchase of massage armchair. Those donations are granted by organisations, like PFRON, Borough or Employment Bureau. You just have to reach for them. You will find out how and where to get those endowments in this article.

Donation for businessmen for purchase of massage chairs from employment bureau

You can try to get funds from municipal or county Employment Bureau. By creating new workplace, for example in hair salon, beauty parlour, spa, sanatorium or other place, where massage armchair will support work of newly hired person, You can try to get funds for its purchase. Working of massage armchair have to support in work newly hired employee. In this way You can get funds to pay for the whole massage armchair. Maximal donation is 20 000zł and requires signing the deal with employee and Employment Bureau for at least 2 years.

Endowments of massage chair purchase from PCPR or MOPS

Once a year, a person with a certified first group of disabilities may apply for support, for example, to purchase a massage chair from the Poviat Family Help Center or the Municipal Social Welfare Center. These organizations, using the PFRON financial resources, grant subsidies in the amount of 80% of the value of the equipment.

Once a year a person with level of recognised disability can try to get fund, for example for massage armchair purchase from PCPR’s or MOPS’ funds. Those organisations take advantage of PFRON’s financial funds and grant donations, that is 80% cost of armchair. All You need to do is to go to local unit of PCPR or MOPS, where You will receive simple form to fill in. In this form, except standard details, you need to get from doctor entry, which indicates massage armchair as device that will support handicapped person. Attention! Without this entry PCPR will fund purchase of rehabilitative bike for 300zł ;). Complete request together with entry about handicap should be submitted in PCPR – it’s good to submit it at the beginning of the year when PCPR didn’t allocated all of its funds yet. After accepting the request, proper contract is signed, which determines deadline of massage armchair purchase and how big the donation will be. After regulation of payments, which is 20% of price, not funded by PCPR, this organisation pays rest, that is 80%. There’s no limits of purchased equipment value, everything depends on PCPR’s budget.

Additionally difference (mentioned 20%) that You had to pay by yourself can be written to rehabilitative concession and at the end of the year settle it together with PIT, which is confirmed by different determinations (Employment Bureau in Będzin, 10.02.2006r., PDFN/415-55/2005; Employment Bureau in Bielsko Podlaskie, 17.06.2005r., US-I-1/B-415-12/05).

Foundations donating purchase of massage chair

If You or person that You take care of is a charge of charity, You can try to get financial help to buy massage armchair. We often deliver massage armchairs to charges of different charities, like TVN – You’re Not Alone or WOŚP. This type of foundations are looking for a way to support their charges. They receive funds for actions like this from writing off 1% of the tax on the occasion of annual PIT payoff. How big donation will be and way of applying for financial funds depends on internal regulations of charity. All You need to do is to ask employee. She will surely explain rules and help with formalities.

In each case, it’s important to look for a solution and ask questions. There are a lot of possibilities of financing purchase of massage chair. We described 3 most popular ones. If You know other kinds of support, thanks to whom it will be able to finance purchase of massage chair – contact us. We will with pleasure describe it on our blog.

If You already chose armchair from our offer and need help in receiving donations, contact us and we will do our best to help You.